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Webinar: How Telehealth Is Transforming NDIS Care

Coviu delivered a webinar on 'How Telehealth Is Transforming NDIS Care' with an amazing line-up of speakers! 


Webinar: How Telehealth Is Transforming NDIS Care


If you missed the live webinar, or would simply like to rewatch it, you can view the full video recording here and download the slides here.




The Presenters


We were lucky to be joined by Dr Belinda Lawford, Amanda Clark and Isabella Size and our host Coviu's Dr Annie Banbury to discuss their experience and research when it comes to conducting telehealth in the NDIS space.


Below you will find some helpful links and contact information that were mentioned in the webinar:

    • Click here to view Dr Belinda Lawford's study on 'NDIS participant experiences with allied healthcare services during COVID-19'.

    • You can keep up with Dr Belinda Lawford on Twitter or for any questions/enquires you can reach her via email.

    • You can find out more about Amanda Clark's practice, Great Ideas Nutrition here

    • Click here to learn about Royal Far West and all the great work they do. 

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Webinar's On-Demand


Enjoyed the Webinar?

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Clinical Evidence for Telehealth & People with Disabilities


As you heard in the webinar, telehealth provides a unique opportunity for innovation in care, especially for people with disabilities. 


Drawing on learnings from COVID-19 responses in Australia and England, experts have recommended including telehealth in the regular health provision for people with disabilities.


We have collated the evidence for this - let's dig in!



6 Evidence-Based Strategies to Enhance Video Telehealth


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