Coviu and CareRight | Seamless EMR/Telehealth

    Introducing the Coviu and CareRight Integration

    Coviu, Australia's leading telehealth platform, and CareRight, a leading Medical Software platform, offer seamless integration. CareRight is a comprehensive web-based software that provides clinics and hospitals with fully integrated, all in one, end-to-end clinical and business operations solutions. CareRight revolutionises healthcare workflows by consolidating people, data and communication in one integrated platform. With purpose-built clinical, billing and administration modules, CareRight streamlines organisational processes, providing a tailored solution backed by continuous industry feedback and development.


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    careright how it works

    How it Works

    The integration facilitates a seamless experience for clinicians using the API, enabling the setup of telehealth consultation appointment types from within CareRight’s. Clinicians can easily configure automated booking forms and appointment notifications via email or SMS, ensuring that appointments are seamlessly published to Coviu. Appointment details from Coviu are integrated into the CareRight platform, appearing in the Appointment Details section and are concurrently published to the Coviu portal.

    Updates and cancellations are automatically synchronised between the two platforms, ensuring real-time information flow. Patients receive a convenient link to the telehealth appointment session, and all appointments are visible on the provider dashboard and within patient records.

    This integration marks a significant step forward in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery, allowing clinicians to leverage the best of both Coviu and CareRight for a more streamlined and patient-centric approach to healthcare.


    More About CareRight

    CareRight by Clintel Systems began in 2006. It has been a cornerstone in providing clinical software, medical specialist software and medical software management to a diverse range of healthcare providers across Australasia. Its clientele includes major government departments, individual medical specialists up tolarge private medical organisations, as well as hospitals and hospital networks, totaling over 500,000 patients served in the past 15 years.

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