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90,000+ Allied Health Professionals Australia-wide are already growing their businesses and enhancing their practices with Coviu.

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Provide greater flexibility for your patients



Save time for yourself and your staff



Improve your bottom line

All with no interruption to the way you currently work.



“So easy to use. It’s secure. Affordable. Purpose designed for Telehealth”

Angie Hazlehurst, Counsellor & Family Therapist

9 Million+

telehealth consultations have been successfully delivered globally using Coviu.

Switch to Coviu without interrupting your practice

Coviu is custom built so that healthcare professionals like you can embrace all the flexibility and benefits of telehealth without skipping a beat in your daily practice. Simply sign up, add any other clinicians to your account, and be up and running with systems that mirror how you currently run your clinic - within minutes. That means no wasted time and no disruption to your routine.

  • Secure Video and Phone Consultations
  • Secure payment functionalities (including Medicare and DVA rebates)
  • Schedule appointments and manage multiple clinics
  • Take walk-ins with a live waiting area
  • Simultaneously watch videos, play interactive games, and share resources
  • Interactive whiteboard function
  • 50+ Apps including Pearson clinical assessments 
  • Send scripts directly to your patients’ pharmacy
  • Coordinate multiple support people with group calls
  • Incredible support team

Best of all, your patients don’t need to download, sign up, or log in. They just click a link!



   No credit card required

Virtual Engagement Platform Coviu

Clinical Tools Tailored To Your Needs.

Achieve more with your calls using powerful apps


Your private information is in good hands

Use Coviu with confidence knowing that your patient’s private information and your documents are safe and secure. Coviu is HIPAA compliant and end-to-end encrypted.

Flexibility and accessibility benefit everyone...

For your patients
Having the option of telehealth makes treatment more accessible for patients who face barriers including family commitments, work schedule, disability and other health conditions, anxiety, and travel barriers. It also saves your patients from having to find a new suitable health professional should any of the aforementioned conditions change. Plus, your patients will love the ease and simplicity of using Coviu.

For your clinic
Grow your business by making it as easy as possible for your patients to show up, and keep showing up! Minimise no-shows and those desperate calls from your patients saying they’re stuck in traffic and provide great continuity of care.

For you
Coviu comes with a plethora of apps specifically designed to help you work smarter, not harder. Getting rid of the constraints of standard office hours and set office locations means less time working, and more time to spend on all the other important things in life.


 No credit card required


The Coviu Difference

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Private and secure

HIPAA compliant and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensures your data is always safe and secure.

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Works on Any Device

Coviu works on any device (computer, tablet, or phone) on all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge).

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Proudly Australian

Coviu was founded within CSIRO in 2016 by Australia’s top computer scientists and engineers.

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Easy for Patients

No downloads, installations or account creation required. Patients just click a link and connect!

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Amazing Support

We're here to support you 9am-5pm AEST through live chat.

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Keep Your Staff Safe

Help stop the spread. Adopt remote care wherever possible, to protect your staff.

Coviu Customer Story

Telehealth has opened up doors we didn’t even realise existed!

Alana Maley-Berg is a Psychologist, CEO and Founder of One Central health in Perth, WA. One Central Health provides a range of allied health and paediatric services such as psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, counselling, autism assessments, dietetics and more. Alana and her clinic initially transitioned to video telehealth during COVID-19, when staff and clients fell in love with its simplicity, convenience and ability to achieve excellent outcomes!

Coviu Customer Story

Making my healthcare services accessible to all

Amanda Clark is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Director of Great Ideas in Nutrition, located in Tweed Heads, NSW. Her clinic has always offered telephone consultations, but she says that 'taking up Coviu at the start of COVID was magic'. The visual component of their services is perfect for telehealth and nothing is better than hearing a client in a Coviu call say "I see exactly what you mean". Telehealth has expanded Amanda's clientele. She has picked up clients in Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney and rural areas, all of whom appreciate the accessibility of online video consultations.

Coviu Customer Story

I Converted my Practice 100% Online, and Moved to Hamilton Island!

Kathy Matheson, Psychologist and Founder of Karepsych, is somewhat of a telehealth pioneer. She had been experimenting with video consultations for a few years before the pandemic, particularly for clients who had to travel and move around for work. After their initial success with telehealth, Kathy moved to Hamilton island and with the help of her husband, an experienced IT professional, they set up a 100% online psychology clinic.

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As a patient, you do not need to sign up to a Coviu account. Your healthcare provider will use their account and send you a link to join at the time of your consultation.

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