Coviu For Patients

Coviu powers telehealth sessions between you and your healthcare provider.

Learn About Coviu

Coviu powers telehealth sessions between you and your healthcare provider.

  • Access your healthcare provider anywhere on any device
  • Secure video calls with end-to-end encryption
  • Private consultations with no personal data stored

Coviu is not your healthcare provider, we do not know when or who is conducting your sessions nor do we set pricing or availability. Coviu is simply the technology powering your session.


How Coviu Works

There is no need to sign up with Coviu, your clinician will use their account to send you a link for your session.

1. Your clinician sends you an email with a link to the session
2. Click the big red 'Join the call' button
3. Select "Yes" if you are prompted to "enable camera and microphone" in your web browser
4. Take a photo and fill in your first and last name so your clinician can identify you for security purposes
5. Accept the informed consent
6. Your clinician will let you into the call when they're ready

Tips For A Perfect Call

Good Internet

Coviu needs the internet to work. All you need is a minimum of 350Kbps for both upload and download.

Modern Devices

Coviu has been built to run on all modern machines, both computers and smart devices such as phones and tablets.


Coviu works best on the latest Google Chrome browser (download/update).

For iPhones and iPads we require Safari 12+ and recommend the latest iOS.

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