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Meet the humans at the heart of Coviu.


Silvia has more than 15 years experience with Web video and has worked for Accenture, Google, Mozilla, NICTA and CSIRO. Coviu is her second startup. She co-edited standards that made video a prime citizen of the Web and underpin Coviu. Silvia has a PhD in computer science, a masters in business management, has published two books on HTML5 video, and one on video consultations for healthcare businesses.

Dr Silvia Pfeiffer
CEO & Co-Founder


Nathan has engineered the tech of early stage startups and innovative state departments. An all-rounder in systems architecture, front- and backend development, test automation, security & system operations, Nathan is obsessed with automation and scalability while delivering solutions that make an impact for customers. He wants to help healthcare businesses with technology to become better at reaching consumers.

Nathan Oehlman
CTO & Co-Founder


Linzi has loved customers since she was 11 years old working in a family business. Determined to make a difference to the health of the planet, Linzi has 3 degrees in Biochemistry, Health Science and Complementary medicine. Fluent in customer success and technical support, Linzi was excited to join Coviu as she wants to help Coviu’s users transition into a digital consultation landscape.

Linzi Fine
Sales Manager


A recent graduate in software engineering from The University of Queensland, Kaamraan has a keen interest in all things web. Coviu's mission of providing access to quality healthcare to everyone really resonates with him and gets him excited to walk into work every morning. When not typing coloured lines on black screens, Kaamraan can be found cheering for FC Barcelona!

Kaamraan Kamaal
Software Engineer


Jennifer began at Coviu in 2018 and has since witnessed a major industry shift towards telehealth, supporting Coviu throughout. She is particularly passionate about improving the mental health of young Australians and believes telehealth is key to making that happen. On the weekends, she enjoys painting and cooking with friends.

Jennifer Wratten
Marketing Manager


Raphaella has a background of building great teams across a wide variety of industries. She loves making things work easily and efficiently. She strives to ensure that each and every customer can deliver telehealth in a way that works for them.

Raphaella Kreiling
People and Culture



Alex Metelerkamp


Dr Annie Banbury has a PhD in telehealth and has worked with a range of health and community care organisations to support them effectively implement videoconferencing. In addition, she has developed patient education programs specifically for telehealth. Annie is an active researcher who has published widely on the use of telehealth for chronic disease self-management particularly with older people. She has a background in public health and is an advocate for using telehealth to reduce health inequalities.

Dr Annie Banbury
Project Manager


Rhiannon is a passionate, driven clinical research specialist. Working globally to leverage technology and deliver human centered services is her passion and the reason Coviu's mission aligned; equal and accessible healthcare. Qualified with an MSc in Healthcare and Design at Coviu she supports and advises customers through operationalising the platform.

Rhiannon Nevin-Dolan
Key Account Relationship Manager


Marina is a university of Sydney graduate. She is passionate about technology enabling meaningful human interaction and founded her first startup during her last semester at university. She is driven by solving customers’ problems and providing solutions that can transform and improve operations and outcomes.
In her free time, you may find Marina bushwalking, swimming and spending time with family.

Marina Lyshova
Sales Marketing


Candy has a keen interest in health and aged care. An ex-Quality Assessor with the Aged Care Commission, she has also worked as a Chief Medical Officer advisor and deployed remote monitoring solutions into the homes of older Australians to help them stay independent for longer. She is excited to work with care providers to increase clients’ access to safe, convenient and quality healthcare.

Candy Wong
Business Development Lead - Aged Care


Keiran joined Coviu in 2020 coming from a digital health background with a focus on implementing Telehealth into General Practice. With a 20+ year career in the IT Service Delivery space, Keiran has a solid understanding of how video technologies can enhance the patient experience. Having spent most of his life in the Northern Territory, has seen first hand how Telehealth can reduce the burden of seeking healthcare for remote patients. When he's not implementing a Telehealth solution, Keiran can be found running, gymming and sometimes at the archery range.

Keiran Mether
Telehealth Sales Lead - General Practice


Result oriented, engineering robust, user-focused software engineer with more than 15 years of experience and proficiency in a verity of platforms, languages, and quality assessment procedures. With master’s in software engineering, Jay has gained certification in testing as well as dev background and he is passionate about the Coviu mission. Apart from laptop screen, he can be found at basketball ground, walking -jogging and meeting with his family & friends.

Jay Jha, Senior Software Engineer


Buddhika is a WebRTC/Fullstack Engineer at Coviu

Buddhika Jayawardhana
Software Engineer


Pete is a health technology expert and graduate in Psychology, Neuroscience, & Philosophy from the University of Sydney. His work historically falls within 3 categories: supporting patients with brain disorders; technology development; & scientific research.

Peter Simpson-Young
Marketing Analyst


Jarrah is fascinated by creating digital products with amazing user experience. He loves pulling apart a product to ensure the design is sympathetic to the customers experience. Jarrah has previously founded two startups and studied 3D animation and video game design. He has a passion for applying game design theory to non-gaming experiences such as virtual reality and serious games.
Jarrah Cohen
Product Management


Itamar is a motivated, fast paced individual who thrives in a multitasking environment. As such, fuelled by his tireless enthusiasm for everything, he has accrued skills and experiences in every aspect he can get his teeth into. His background is in manual therapy, technology and design and uses these interests to find a solution to any problem he is faced with.

Itamar Steigrad
Integrations Expert


Liora is a UTS graduate with a BA in Business and Marketing. She has an ongoing romance with everything organisational and strategic. Between her accumulated work experience and her studies she has a considerable wealth of knowledge and an enthusiasm for working with people. She is organised, energetic and a creative problem solver. You can find her waking up at 5am to go for a run or working her magic to fill her schedule to bursting.

Liora Steigrad
Customer Success


Mechanical and Industrial Engineer - MBA. Oliberth is a highly numbers-oriented person with outstanding grasp of mathematics, statistics and finance. Oliberth spends his days at Coviu between accounts management, financial forecasting and data analysis.

Oliberth Reyes Sanchez
Data Analyst


Prior to Coviu, Sonam worked in travel and insurance industries, helping modernise the booking and retail system at FlightCentre and digitise the claims onboarding and workflow at RACQ and CUA. Outside work, he enjoys trekking and nature-related activities.

Sonam Chhogyel
Software Engineer

image (14)-Sep-04-2020-02-21-21-12-AM

James is a motivated full-stack software engineer with a passions for efficiency and quality within the engineering process. When not behind the keyboard, James can be often found adventuring up the mountains of South East Queensland.

James Clare
Full-stack Software Engineer

Suresh Ponraj

Suresh is a Software Engineer with 6+ years of experience in building software in various languages. Prior to Coviu, he worked on building a Practice management . Apart from work, Suresh loves racing games and watching Motorsport.

Suresh Ponraj
Software Engineer


Kristy loves keeping people organised and has 15+ years’ experience in Executive Assistant and Office Management roles. You will find Kristy camping on the beach or hiking mountains on weekends. She is very passionate about health and well-being and loves traveling the world with the thrill of chasing new experiences.

Kristy-Lee Dalton
Executive Assistance

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