virtual care for Australian educational institutions

Virtual Care For Educational Institutions

Coviu's telehealth platform is designed to cater to the unique healthcare needs of Australian educational institutions providing remote health services from speech pathology and mental health support to student-led clinics and general advice. Additionally, Coviu is a leading provider of comprehensive virtual care software for facilities offering digital health modules across the country.

By opting for Coviu as their telehealth partner, universities, TAFEs, primary and secondary schools gain access to a versatile set of tools that enhance healthcare outcomes for students and promote a healthier work-life balance for therapists.

Discover the possibilities with Coviu for Australian educational institutions and embark on a journey towards providing superior student care, addressing staffing shortages and overwhelming caseloads and cultivating a more robust and flourishing educational environment.


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Purpose-Built For Educational Institutions

Coviu is designed to meet the comprehensive requirements of educational institutions, enabling them to excel in healthcare delivery and emerge as industry leaders. Coviu provides solutions that cater to various aspects of educational institutions, encompassing the following areas:


Schools - Speech Pathology Services
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Coviu enriches speech pathology access for school students with a comprehensive set of remote features.

Schools - Mental Health Services
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Coviu simplifies the provision of mental health support for school students with its dedicated tools for practitioners.

Tertiary - Mental Health Services
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Coviu eliminates obstacles to mental health support in tertiary education through its specialised tools for practitioners.

Tertiary - General Health Services & Advice
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Coviu removes barriers to accessing general health advice and resources in tertiary education with its remote capabilities.

Tertiary - Student-Led Virtual ClinicsAddiction Medicine Diagram (32)

The Australian Government's telehealth choice, Coviu is the ideal platform for real-life immersion in student-led clinics.

Tertiary - Digital Health Modules
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As the dominant player in Australia's telehealth market, Coviu is the preferred telehealth platform for digital health units.


"It is easy to use and clients don't have to download anything."

Margo Orum, Psychologist

All-In-One Virtual Clinic For Educational Institutions

Coviu is an expertly crafted virtual care platform optimised for teletherapy sessions and equipped with standardised, informal and dynamic assessments and therapy resources sourced from leading providers Pearson Clinical and eLr.


Clinically Validated Teleassessments

Coviu proudly joins forces with Pearson Clinical to bring you the most widely used standardised speech therapy and mental health assessments, expertly adapted for telepractice and validated for clinical accuracy. With Coviu's intuitive and distraction-minimised interface, assessment delivery becomes streamlined and efficient. Administer Pearson assessments in calls designed specifically for:


Speech Pathologists

CELF-5, EVT-3 (A,B), GFTA-3, PPVT-5 (A,B), CELF Preschool-3

School & University/TAFE Psychologists




virtual care for educational institutions

Tools For Teletherapy

Coviu supports the delivery of speech therapy and mental health sessions through rich interactive tools, including the ability to:

  • Build custom forms and share them before and during calls for students to fill in.

  • Access a suite of additional language resources and activities through our esteemed content provider eLr.

  • Manage busy caseloads and multiple students with powerful scheduling tools and waiting areas.

  • Easily share and annotate images or pdf files with bespoke whiteboard tools.

  • Share and switch easily between queued stimulus materials within a session.

  • Play videos within the session with our inbuilt player.

  • Give remote control to a student on a shared screen.

  • Bring in support members and parents with group rooms.



And We Complement Your Existing Workflows...


Easy for Students

No downloads, installations, or account creation is required. Students just click a link and connect! Make your health services more accessible.


Private and Secure

HIPAA compliant, ISO 27001 certified and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensures your data is always safe and secure. Provide students with peace of mind their information is secure while ensuring compliance.

healthcare access

Manage Multiple Clinics

Replicate a number of clinics under your organisation's physical structure in an online environment and digitise your practice in one day under a centralised online system.


Seamless Across All Devices

Coviu works on any device (computer, tablet, or phone) on all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge). A versatile telehealth software works where and when you need it the most. The same is true for your students.


Clinical Tools

Achieve more with your calls using powerful apps designed for a wide range of health areas from speech therapy, mental health to manual therapy, that easily integrate with Coviu.

customer service

Amazing Support

We are here to support you every step of the way through our live, local chat service. We are here to make sure you are confident you are getting the most out of virtual care.

"Very user-friendly platform, aesthetically pleasing - clean modern look, and good customer support."

Meryl, Allied Health Professional

Coviu Breaks Down Barriers For Schools

Coviu breaks down barriers for school students by providing easy, secure and convenient access to essential healthcare services, ensuring their and your practitioners' well-being is a top priority.


Primary & Secondary Schools

Clinical Evidence supports the benefits of virtual care in school-based speech pathology and mental health services. Make the switch with Coviu to experience:

  1. Flexibility and Efficiency: Telehealth revolutionises work hours, streamlining caseload management, eliminating commutes and alleviating time-related stress. A 2021 Survey highlighted a 55% boost in job satisfaction due to telehealth adoption.

  2. Enhanced Scheduling: Telehealth resolves scheduling complexities by enabling flexible appointment times, facilitating convenient slots for both students and practitioners.

  3. Increased Parent Involvement: Telehealth engages parents in treatment programs and offers insights into a child’s home environment. Studies reveal higher engagement rates for parents in telehealth-based autism programs compared to face-to-face groups.

  4. More Comprehensive Assessment Methods: Coviu's measurement-driven virtual care platform incorporates standardised and custom teleassessments, bolstering diagnostics and advancing assessment capabilities.

  5. Technology-Driven Collaboration: Telehealth empowers information sharing, real-time progress updates and integrated support for students with communication disorders and mental health challenges, fostering holistic care.

speech therapy in schools
mental health in schools

Want to know more about the Clinical Evidence in favour of hybrid healthcare models in schools? 


Coviu Revolutionises Healthcare for Tertiary Institutions

Find out how Coviu is fostering excellence for major Universities and TAFE institutions across Australia, supporting the delivery of more accessible healthcare and advancing student practical experience across digital health modules and student-led clinics.


Student Health Services 

Coviu is an invaluable ally in bolstering student health services at Australian universities and TAFEs, including vital support for mental health initiatives and general health information lines. Coviu's dynamic platform empowers universities to offer comprehensive and accessible care to their student population. With Coviu, students can easily access health professionals through secure video consultations, breaking down geographical barriers and reducing stigma associated with seeking help. The platform enables the implementation of tailored mental health programs, including therapy sessions, counselling and wellness check-ins. Coviu's data security measures ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information, fostering a safe and trusted environment for students to seek the health support they need while promoting overall well-being on campus.

health services for tertiary
digital health modules for education

Digital Health Modules & Student-Led Clinics

Coviu stands at the forefront of supporting digital health modules in major Australian universities and TAFE institutions, vital in preparing students for the contemporary healthcare landscape. Its secure, HIPAA and ISO 27001-compliant environment, favoured by the Australian government, provides invaluable hands-on experience. Coviu's user-friendly interface ensures effortless adoption, paired with a versatile clinical toolset for enriched learning. Within Coviu, students in digital healthcare training access gold-standard Pearson assessments, industry-standard evaluations and seamlessly integrated premier resources. Furthermore, the platform facilitates remote patient monitoring, group therapy and customisable forms, delivering a comprehensive educational experience that empowers universities to cultivate healthcare professionals skilled in the digital health realm. In student-led clinics, Coviu's innovative virtual care platform enables hands-on experience, fostering practical skills, client interaction and a deeper understanding of modern healthcare practices within a secure and user-friendly environment, equipping aspiring healthcare professionals for excellence in the digital age of healthcare delivery.

Unlock a World of Apps for Your Students

Practitioners in educational facilities achieve more with their calls using powerful clinical apps. Practitioners tailor their services with a variety of apps to enhance everything from assessments to interactions with students.


Pearson Assessments

Assess your students professionally with Pearson Clinical standardised assessments. Coviu now integrates the digital stimulus books of selected assessments into our telehealth platform, so you can have access to the latest clinical tools all in one place.


eLr for Coviu

Interactive activities for teletherapy sessions designed by speech pathologists. eLr provides more than 15,000 interactive activities covering more than 1,000 separate speech, language and literacy targets. 


Interactive Screenshare & Whiteboard, Games & Annotations

Enhance your video consultations, by sharing results, interactive assessment forms, educational videos and other resources from within a Coviu call. Make your therapy services more engaging and productive.

customisable forms

Customisable Forms

Coviu’s Customisable Forms App enables clinicians to create any custom form, for students to complete either in-call or pre-call.  

2m lingo

Translating and Interpreting

The 2M lingo™ App by 2M Language Services is an embedded application that provides seamless, in-app language interpretation for Coviu video calls with a click of a button. Access 250+ languages including indigenous dialects and AUSLAN!

booking and scheduling apps

Booking and Scheduling Apps

Take appointment bookings, call scheduling and management capabilities, text-only sessions and more.  

Case Studies for Educational Institutions

case studies coviu in schools
Case Study - Coviu in Tertiary Institutions

Digital Health Curriculum Redefined: UQ's Journey with Coviu

The University of Queensland (UQ) leads in digital health education. Louise Harding, from UQ's Centre for Online Health, discusses vital aspects of tertiary digital health education. This includes the state of digital health curricula in Australia, UQ's curriculum development with Coviu, collaborative strategies for GP telehealth adoption, and the future of digital health.

Case Study - Coviu in Schools

Telepsychology at NSW Department of Education

This case study outlines how the DoE was able to implement a telepsychology platform that allowed school counselling staff to continue providing support and therapy to students during the uncertain times of the pandemic. To learn about their experience first-hand, Coviu interviewed Pauline Kotselas, Leader of Psychology and Wellbeing Services, Child Protection, Health, Mental Wellbeing and Karina Worrall, the Principal Psychologist at DoE.

Case Study - Pearson Assessments

Benefits and Challenges of Delivering Pearson Assessments Remotely

In-built clinical assessments are creating new opportunities for healthcare. Coviu explores how its ongoing partnership with Pearson Clinical has opened up a range of new possibilities for clients and allied health providers through virtual care. But like anything, these opportunities are not without difficulties. The case study weighs up the science, features, benefits and challenges of the Pearson assessments available through the Coviu measurement-based virtual care platform.

Case Study - Speech Pathology & Mental Health

Eat Speak Learn: Successful Hybrid Care for Paediatric Clients Seeking Allied Health Services

Apart from the clinic’s unique practice of recognising clients’ achievements in a form that is not only tangible but gives back to the environment and community, Eat Speak Learn stands apart as a leading example of an NDIS provider successfully delivering their services under a hybrid care model. With a mantra that ‘almost every service can be delivered under a telehealth model provided clients are well supported in the virtual environment’, Co-Founder Chris MacDonald, shed light on the huge success the company has had with Coviu’s virtual care engagement platform.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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"Easy to use; great functionality that always works and provides scope for creativity and effective exchange of information; cost-effective; confidential and secure.”

Karen Osborne, Clinical and Organisational Psychologist 

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