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Digital Health Festival | Melbourne | May 7-8


This is an exciting time to be in healthcare. Digital health solutions are driving improvements in service delivery, clinical outcomes and patient experience. DHF is where health leaders meet to learn new skills, assess the latest solutions, network and form partnerships.

DHF is an event of unrivalled scale. It is the only place where the entire health eco-system meets with a focus on technology as a tool for enhanced patient outcomes and productivity. DHF draws thousands of senior health professionals from around Australia and, increasingly, from the wider Asia-Pacific region.


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Reflect, Respect, Respond | SPA 2023

Speech Pathology Australia's annual national conference, SPA 2023, held in Hobart, Tasmania from May 21 to May 24, embraced the themes of Reflect, Respect, Respond. The event, known for fostering innovation and knowledge sharing, featured informal conversations, presentations, and panel discussions, serving as an industry think tank. Here's what we learned...

The Future of Virtual Care 2023

Coviu is a regular sponsor of the event, which includes three co-joined conferences under the umbrella of 'Connect Virtual Care'. This year it was held at the Hilton, Sydney from the 27th to 28th of April. This year, the spotlight was shone on Coviu's CEO & Co-founder Dr Silvia Pfeiffer who spoke on the topic 'In the aftermath of COVID, have we hit peak Telehealth and what is the future of virtual care?'

Australian Healthcare Week 2023

Coviu attended Australia's largest healthcare event, the 12th Annual Australian Healthcare Week at the International Conference Centre in Sydney. Led by our Global Sales Director and comprising a team from Australia and the US, the blockbuster event was a terrific opportunity to share knowledge and better understand the goals and pain points for a wide range of partners and future customers.

Evaluating Virtual Care in Australia | SFT - 22

Coviu was honoured to mingle with telehealth royalty at the 22nd Successes and Failures of Telehealth Conference (SFT-22) at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Over three days, Coviu representatives attended workshops, plenary sessions, exhibitions and networking activities as silver sponsors, to discuss the growth of telehealth post pandemic, and what the future holds for virtual care. The event on behalf of the University of Queensland's Centre for Online Health and the Australian Telehealth Society brought together over 180 attendees from Health Executives to Academics to share their studies and technology enabling greater healthcare access for Australians.

Thank you, AIDH! Digital Health Summit Sydney 2022

From the 17th to 18th of October 2022, Coviu was honoured to attend the annual Digital Health Summit as a silver sponsor of Australia’s leading event for digital health. The event, run by eHealth NSW and the Australian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) provided an exceptional opportunity to mingle with the country's most conversant digital health gurus.

And That's a Wrap! Coviu at IMH 2022

Coviu's focus at the IMH Conference 2022 was on remote assessments offered through our partnership with Pearson. From the 5th to 7th of September 2022, Coviu was delighted to attend the 23rd International Mental Health Conference as a silver sponsor of Australia’s premiere event for mental health providers. With many of Coviu’s users identifying as mental health practitioners, the event provided an exceptional opportunity to mingle with over 300 mental health representatives from around Australia and abroad, bringing fresh insights into the future of mental health.

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