Join Coviu's Referral Program

Earn 10% of first year’s revenue when you refer a warm lead

Love Coviu and want to help us spread the word? As a member of our referral program, you can earn a commission by making introductions to potential Coviu customers in your network.

There’s no selling required, just an introduction and our sales team will handle it from there. If the healthcare provider or organisation you introduced becomes a customer of Coviu, you’ll receive a commission.


How our referral program works:

  1. Fill out the form below to apply for the program

  2. We’ll email you instructions on how to submit leads, and details of the commission structure

  3. Make introductions to healthcare providers and organisations

  4. Get paid 10% of first year contract value when the lead becomes a customer with Coviu

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Join Coviu's Referral Program

We’ll pay you referral fees as follows:

  • Enterprise customer: 10% of the first year of the Referral’s licence fee for the Coviu Services
  • SaaS / Subscription customer: Equivalent to the first month of the Engaged Referral’s licence fee for the Coviu Services

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As a patient, you do not need to sign up to a Coviu account. Your healthcare provider will use their account and send you a link to join at the time of your consultation.

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