Tell your Provider about Telehealth!

    Coviu powers secure and private telehealth sessions between you and your healthcare provider.

    Chat to your provider today and reap the benefits of Coviu together.

    icon-health Access your provider with one simple click, no downloads

    icon-save-time Avoid traffic and waiting rooms

    icon-save-cost Claim Medicare Reimbursements

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    We've made it easy for you to tell your provider about the benefits of video telehealth. Use this pre-populated email template.

    Why Choose Coviu?

    Are you part of the 70% of Aussies that think all GPs should offer telehealth? As much of the nation faces tougher COVID-19 restrictions, telehealth uptake is once again soaring. Telehealth consultations allow for continuity of care, increasing access, reducing costs and keeping the community safe.

    If your healthcare provider isn’t providing you with an efficient telehealth option, let them know that Coviu is here to help them create a flexible healthcare system!

    Mutually benefit from:

    • Claim Medicare reimbursements from telehealth appointments

    • Remove travel barriers and increase access no matter where either of us is located

    • Enjoy Coviu's end-to-end encryption, knowing sensitive data is kept safe

    • Avoid traffic and waiting rooms - convenient consultations

    • Use interactive clinical tools and workflows that replicate brick-and-mortar clinics

    • Reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission

    Simply email or call your healthcare provider and let them know about the benefits of Coviu.