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Coviu on SBS, Free Upcoming Webinars and Product Updates

It's been another busy month at Coviu, from topical webinars, exciting new product updates and amazing customer success stories...there is a lot to dive into.

Throughout our planning, the news of permanent telehealth has remained top of mind as we continue to develop and innovate for a brighter future in healthcare. We are excited to continue working hard towards a more digitally enabled future and we are thrilled to bring you along on the journey.





Webinar On-Demand: Telehealth Reimbursements Part 1


We were so lucky to be joined by the amazing Margaret Faux from Synapse Medical who delivered a webinar on telehealth reimbursements. This informative session provided so much knowledge on what the recent MBS items mean, Medicare's legal foundations, bulk billing, record keeping requirements and information surrounding the 80/20 and 30/20 rules!


Missed the live webinar? Don't fret, you can still view it on-demand! 





Coviu Product Updates


Send Notifications From the Waiting Area


Providers can now send notifications to a filtered list of specific patients or clients i.e. those who are waiting to be seen. Providers then have the ability to bulk send a notification to those that are in the filtered list.


In addition, when a provider messages a patient or client from the waiting area notification system their message history and chat log can now be viewed. This will show who sent the message and when the message was sent. 







Revamped Reporting Capabilities 


Now, when you go to the ‘reports’ tab you are able to set up your reporting fields and generate all the reports Coviu has to offer. 


We have also created the ability to see a list of all the most recent reports (up to 24 hours), located under the new history page. When downloading reports you’ll now see report generation process information i.e. % of completion.


If providers decide to not download the report immediately but would prefer to email it, a link will now be sent to their inbox with a link to download when the report is ready.


This new feature is available on our Premium plan. To upgrade, click here to learn how to change your plan within your account. 








Coming Soon


Coviu Welcome Dashboard and Call Interface


Some big enhancements are coming soon to Coviu. This includes a new Coviu Welcome Dashboard and a revamp of the Call Interface!


The new Welcome Dashboard will make it easier for you to get started, providing you with access to all your most-used tools in one place. In addition, the Call Interface will become more streamlined, making it easier to navigate during your consultations. 


More details will be provided in the coming weeks, but for now, here is a little sneak peek...




All product updates can also be viewed here.




Upcoming Webinars: Register Now


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Reimbursement Webinar Part 2: Best Practices for Medicare Telehealth Reimbursements

Coviu and The Department of Health are delivering a live, free webinar!


Monday, 7th March, 12:30pm - 1pm AEDT


We are lucky to have Louise Riley from the Medicare Review Unit join us to chat about integrity and compliance when delivering telehealth. The webinar will also feature a Q&A session - don't miss out!






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Webinar: How Telehealth is Transforming NDIS Care


Tuesday, 22nd March, 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEDT


Telehealth has the potential to transform NDIS care and put clients at the centre of their own healthcare decisions - empowering them to be a part of their healthcare dialogue and providing a choice to access care on their own terms.


We are excited to bring you a free, live, webinar to discuss:

  • Research findings from a recent study on NDIS participant's experiences of using telehealth
  • Benefits and key results of providing hybrid models of care 
  • Plus hear from real-life case-studies





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Webinar: Conducting Pearson Assessments via Telehealth

Coviu and Pearson Clinical are delivering a live, free webinar!


Thursday, 31st March 12:30pm – 1:30pm AEDT


This webinar will discuss 'Conducting Assessments via Telehealth', featuring the 'Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - Australian and New Zealand Standardised, Third Edition (WIAT-III A&NZ)'.


Come along and learn about who can use the WIAT-III A&NZ and training available, test components of the assessment on Coviu, technical tips and tricks, plus example case studies of User Level C psychologist and User Level B special educator using the WIAT-III A&NZ on Coviu.


Don't miss out!



Can't attend these webinars? All webinars will be recorded and sent out to all registrants, so please ensure you still register your interest to receive a copy. 






Coviu Home - Mac (3)


Reimbursement Fact Sheets


Coviu's telehealth reimbursement fact sheets have been updated to reflect the recent information made available by Medicare regarding permanent telehealth, across different medical and allied health services. 


Download the fact sheet for your profession below. 




Have a question on any aspect of Australian Medical Billing? You can ask it here for free.




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Battling Australia's Alcohol Problem with Home Detox via Telehealth


The Clean Slate Clinic is a telehealth program that supports Australians to safely undergo alcohol detox from home. Since starting out at the beginning of 2021, over 50 patients have successfully undergone an at-home alcohol detox program completely via telehealth. This new model has proven to be safe, effective and convenient, making alcohol treatment widely available to all who need it, regardless of their location.


Read Clean Slate Clinic's inspiring story!







Coviu On SBS - Accessing Language Services for Healthcare 


With the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic being felt across Australia, those supporting migrants with limited English skills say speaking their native language plays a key role, yet gaps still remain. SBS chats to Safaa Hakim, Clinical Counsellor in Melbourne and Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, CEO and Co-Founder of Coviu about access to language services in healthcare. 






See you on Coviu!

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