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With dynamic video consultations, group therapy rooms, phone telehealth capabilities, and over 50 clinical tools and assessments, you can assess patients seamlessly and get them the outcomes they want.

Secure can be Simple

Coviu is HIPAA and ST4S compliant, ISO 27001 Certified and data end-to-end encrypted. Plus, it only takes healthcare providers minutes to set up. Patients, simply click a link to join - no account needed.

Customisable & Scalable

Coviu operates within your existing workflows and offers unique flexibility. Our bespoke waiting area allows for central oversight of hundreds of virtual clinics. Plus, white-label solutions are available.

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Purpose Built For

The best telehealth platforms improve operational efficiencies across the board while also enhancing the patient experience. Coviu provides versatile telehealth software built for:


Mental Health 


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Manual Therapy 

Speech Pathology & Audiology 
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General Practitioners & Specialists

Allied Health


Your trust is our priority.
We're excited to announce Coviu's recent achievement of ISO 27001 certification to ensure the highest level of security and privacy for our customers.
Coviu is also HIPAA and ST4S compliant, as well as end-to-end encrypted. 

ISO 27001

Telehealth Software Solutions

A Virtual Care Engagement Platform

Coviu provides an all-in-one virtual care engagement platform that enables providers to deliver a superior, frictionless virtual care experience providing clinician-guided form building through in-call customisable forms, a library of fully integrated standardised assessments, and the ability to share screens and documents to support patient outcome measures and value-based care.

Coviu’s virtual care software provides secure and simple consultations through dynamic video consultations, an extensive apps marketplace containing over 50 Apps, phone consultations, remote patient monitoring and more.


Simple and Secure Video Consultations

Multiple Devices Using Telehealth Software - Coviu

No downloads, installations or account creation is required. Patients just click a link and connect!
Coviu works on any device (computer, tablet or phone) on all major browsers. Video visits are a convenient option for your patients and can allow your practice to efficiently and effectively treat more patients.


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Apps Marketplace

Available with 50+ Apps - Coviu

Coviu has 
over 50 tailored clinical apps that you can add to your Coviu account to extend your clinic's functionality and workflow capabilities, including industry-leading assessment partner tools. Enhance your practice management, and administer assessments all through user-friendly apps.


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Phone Telehealth

Audio-Only Telehealth - Coviu

Use Coviu as a single telehealth platform for both video communication and phone consultations making clinic management easier for your practice. The first phase of this feature allows you to keep business and private communications separate as well as create an inboound call centre for your practice. Try it out today with our introductory pricing offer. More features coming soon. 

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Group Telehealth Rooms

Woman Using Group Telehealth Rooms - Coviu

This new feature allows you to conduct secure group therapy sessions, peer support groups, education workshops, family mediation sessions, and schedule team meetings through Coviu. Conduct secure group calls from one cloud-based telehealth platform.


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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring Online - Coviu

Coviu's integration with RPM solutions equips providers to remotely monitor their patients and consult with them directly as required. Monitor your patients using Bluetooth-supported pulse oximeter medical devices within a Coviu call. Along with solutions for the management of COVID-19 patients.



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Privacy and Security

Laptop HIPAA Compliant - Coviu

At Coviu, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your data and maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security. Our commitment to compliance with industry standards and regulations helps ensure that our customers can trust us with their sensitive information. We are ISO 27001 certified,  HIPAA compliant, and ST4S compliant demonstrating our dedication to best practices in data security and privacy.

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The Coviu Difference

Finding the best telehealth platform for your needs is no small feat. Coviu offers a holistic, all-in-one virtual care engagement platform that can be tailored to your specialty.

Icon For HIPAA Compliant and End-to-end Encryption - Coviu

Private and Secure

HIPAA compliant, ST4S compliant, ISO 27001 certified,  and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensures your data is always safe and secure. Provide patients with peace of mind their information is secure while ensuring compliance.

Icon For Working on Any Device - Coviu

Works on Any Device

Coviu works on any device (computer, tablet or phone) on all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge). A versatile telehealth software works where and when you need it the most. The same is true for your patients.

Icon for Reducing Cancellations, No Shows, and Delays - Coviu

Reduce Cancellations, No Shows and Delays

No more traffic jams or lengthy travel times. See your patients wherever they are, when it's convenient for them. Video and phone consultations are a convenient, efficient way to connect with more patients.

Icon for Ease for Patients - Coviu

Easy for Patients and Clients

No downloads, installations or account creation is required. Patients just click a link and connect! Make your health services more accessible.

Icon for Amazing Support - Coviu

Amazing Support

We are here to support you every step of the way through our live chat.

Icon for Keeping Your Staff Safe - Coviu

Keep Your Staff Safe

Reduce the spread of infection. Adopt remote care wherever possible, to protect your staff during uncertain times and beyond.

Woman on Laptop
Case Study - Pearson Assessments

Benefits and Challenges of Delivering Pearson Assessments Remotely

In-built clinical assessments are creating new opportunities for healthcare. Coviu explores how its ongoing partnership with Pearson Clinical has opened up a range of new possibilities for clients and allied health providers through virtual care. But like anything, these opportunities are not without difficulties. The case study weighs up the science, features, benefits, and challenges of the Pearson assessments available through the Coviu elevated telehealth platform.

Case Study - Psychology

Putting Telehealth into Practice at Benchmark Psychology - Designing a Human-Centred Service

How can we digitise health care services without compromising human interaction? For Benchmark Psychology this was one of the key questions when designing video telehealth services for their clients. Using Coviu’s video telehealth platform Benchmark Psychology was able to achieve exactly that - create a video telehealth service that is just like an in-person experience.

Case Study - Speech Pathology & Mental Health

Eat, Speak, Learn: Successful Hybrid Care for Pediatric Patients

Celebrating children’s achievements is a core philosophy of Eat Speak Learn, an integrated practice offering speech pathology, exercise physiology, physiotherapy, dietetics, occupational therapy, and psychology for children, with a unique specialty in pediatric feeding disorders.

Case Study - Clean Slate Clinic

Treating Alcohol Dependence with Virtual Care: An Online Home Detox Program

The Clean Slate Clinic is a Telehealth program that supports addiction sufferers to safely undergo alcohol detox from home. Since establishing at the beginning of 2021 over 50 patients have successfully undergone an at-home alcohol detox program completely via telehealth. This new model has proven to be safe, effective and convenient, making alcohol treatment widely available to all who need it, regardless of their location.

Case Study - Virtual Training

Up-skilling Clinical Staff with Virtual Role Plays in Coviu

At the start of 2021, the Australian Government’s Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) launched a virtual training program for over 600 Donation Specialist Nurses nationally. The DonateLife Web Coaching Program is aimed at improving the communication skills of nurses who discuss organ and tissue donation with families and loved ones of people during end of life conversations. Following the launch of the program, Coviu interviewed Bernie Dwyer - National Training Coordinator at the OTA to learn more about virtual training and outline the function of Coviu’s Web Coaching app in facilitating the training sessions.

Case Study - Children and Youth Mental Health

Telepsychology at NSW Department of Education

This case study outlines how the DoE was able to implement a Telepsychology platform that allowed school counselling staff to continue providing support and therapy to students during the uncertain times of the pandemic. To learn about their experience first hand, Coviu interviewed Pauline Kotselas, Leader of Psychology and Wellbeing Services, Child Protection, Health, Mental Wellbeing and Karina Worrall, the Principal Psychologist at DoE.

Case Study - Allied Health Services

Telehealth at Youthrive - Expanding Footprint and Improving Access to Services

Youthrive, a social enterprise that provides speech pathology, occupational therapy and psychology support to children and their families. The case study explores how Youthrive was quickly able to switch their business model, during the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, to take full advantage of video telehealth.

Telehealth Apps Tailored To Your Practice

Achieve more with your calls using powerful clinical apps and tools to suit your specialty. There’s no one-size-fits-all telehealth software. Customise your telehealth experience with a suite of products that help improve workflows and the patient experience.

Our Story

It all started when Founder Dr Silvia Pfeiffer was working at the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) on research into telehealth delivery platforms. 

Working closely with clinicians, Dr Silvia Pfeiffer found that existing consumer and corporate video calling software wasn’t meeting the needs of healthcare professionals. Not only did the software not meet the strict security and privacy requirements, there was no way to integrate the many tools and functions used on a regular basis: collecting payments, making appointments, gathering patient consent, and more.

There wasn’t an adequate tool available, so she built one.

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Coviu uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support thousands of daily telehealth sessions!

"The flexibility and simplicity of Coviu on AWS plays a fundamental role in how we deliver video telehealth services."

Sam Georgy - Service Director for Video Telehealth, Healthdirect


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