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11 reasons why Coviu is right for your practice:

1. Minimise the risk of patient cancellations, delays, and no-shows.

Coviu video consultations allow patients to schedule appointments that are convenient for them and attend them in the comfort of their own home. The increased convenience of telehealth means it is easier for you to conduct the consultation and receive reimbursement, whilst less time is wasted dealing with last minute cancellations or no-shows. One of our customers has actually eliminated no-shows completely!

2. Treatment for chronic care patients can be easily managed.

Telehealth allows for quick and efficient check-ups, sharing of results, and prescription refills for chronic care patients. Practitioners can easily and frequently contact patients, and their number of trips to GPs and other specialists are reduced with the use of Coviu. Patients can, therefore, avoid travel time, related travel costs and inconvenience, whilst receiving better health outcomes.

3. Follow-ups can be hassle-free for both you and your patients.

Many patient follow-ups do not need to be performed in a physical office space, meaning Coviu’s software can easily handle these digital appointments. For example, a post-op orthopedic patient can avoid making a potentially long journey to your office, as telehealth provides a quick and effective means to follow up and address any concerns.

4. Improve access for rural and remote patients.

Telehealth removes physical barriers and gives patients living in rural and remote areas more control over their health. Coviu is a great health resource addition to any existing patient portals you may already be using and fits seamlessly into your current workflow.

5. Offer patient care regardless of your office location.

The use of Coviu video consultations in your practice means patients can save more of their valuable time, better spent at home or work. Even if your office is located in a busy city and ‘convenient’ location, telehealth removes all travel time and patients will no longer have to choose between medical treatment and other priorities.

Video visits reduce travel time and increase revenue.

6. Telehealth gives you a competitive edge over emergency and retail care centres.

Coviu video consultations beat out these competitors in terms of convenience and quality of care, allowing you to maintain both revenue and strong relationships with patients, helping achieve continuity of care for your patients.

7. Reduce patient costs and increase loyalty.

Too often, patients must choose between earning money at work, or visiting their healthcare provider. Make their lives easier by offering services over Coviu, which reduce travel costs and decrease the hassle traditionally associated with doctor appointments.

8. Increase engagement among patients.

Many patients will already be embracing mobile health technology such as applications or wearable devices. Use this as an opportunity to introduce them to Coviu’s video consultation software.

9. Grow your practice and increase revenue.

Put simply, time is money. Telehealth reduces wasted travel and wait time, and increases your scope of potential patients due to the breakdown of barriers such as geographical location. Coviu, with its high ROI, can become a reliable additional revenue stream for your practice, particularly as you can earn compensation for after-hours services.

10. Better health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Reduced wait times, increased convenience and security of sensitive data means that not only are patients happy with the service, but they are more likely to attend follow-ups, leading to better overall health and care.

11. Decrease the rate of patient readmission to hospital.

Coviu increases both the accessibility and convenience of patient care, particularly following hospital admission. This helps reduce the chance of readmission and improves the health outcomes of Australians.


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