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WebRTC connection issues - Coviu now has a bot for that!

WebRTC video technology is the jewel in the HTML5 video conferencing crown. Sessions are fully encrypted, run entirely within the browser and can be accessed by any modern device including smartphones, iPads, and Tablets. WebRTC is the most secure video technology available today.

The simplicity of URL based video allows WebRTC to be accessible from any device on basically all modern browsers (MS Edge is about to join the club of WebRTC 1.0 standard supporting browsers).

WebRTC is a great technology when you have a modern device, a modern browser, and a great internet connection. When things go wrong, however, there are many parameters that could be an issue. Video conferencing is a distributed application and one of the most difficult digital applications to get 100% reliable because as an application provider, most variables are out of our control.

The majority of faults occur once the connection has been made between the host and the peer. Sometimes it's a user interaction problem. But most of the time it's not the user's fault - it's their device, their browser or their internet connectivity that plays havoc within successful WebRTC connections. Like all video conferencing users in the world, our telehealth users struggle with this problem also and so we are always available online to address their issues.

Several years of experience have led us to understand these issues that are recurring. So we set out to find a better way to help.

webrtc phone Coviu powers more than 10 000 WebRTC sessions per month. Our numbers record about a 5% call failure rate. This means approximately 500 users a month experience a fault within their sessions, (most of which are actually bandwidth issues.)

Our support team is answering the same questions over and over again from our customers who are in a broken call and this is something we really wanted to improve for our customers.

So we built Ada a custom bot powered by Intercom.

Ada is the first of her kind to be built to address in call WebRTC faults. She is always there when you need her and she replies immediately. Ada asks all the key questions and all you need to do is click on a couple of buttons to get the right help. Troubleshooting can be done at the same time as Ada is helping.

There is also no need to try and explain your problem in detail - Ada follows a decision graph to take you to your answer the fastest way. If the answers don't work, you can still ask one of our customer support team for human help.

Support Bot

Ada is available under the "Help" button in a Coviu call under "Contact Coviu support".

If you would like more details on Ada's logic please contact Linzi at





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