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5 Telehealth Podcasts To Listen To!

Staying updated with the latest research, trends and insights is essential for professionals to deliver high-quality care. One invaluable resource for healthcare professionals seeking knowledge, inspiration and professional development is podcasts. This blog shines the spotlight on 5 Australian podcasts with content that intersects with telehealth.

Coviu, a leading telehealth platform, recognises the importance of ongoing learning and recommends these five podcasts to enhance the skills and expertise of clinicians:

Telehealth Podcasts

  1. "Talking HealthTech" - A platform that regularly hosts discussions with diverse individuals involved in digital health and innovation. Through interviews with clinicians, developers and decision-makers, the podcast explores various facets of the digital health landscape. Topics covered include emerging technologies, healthcare innovation, challenges in healthcare delivery and the intersection of healthcare and technology. Listen to editions featuring Coviu. 

  2. "Reimagining Healthcare" - A podcast series dedicated to exploring innovation within the healthcare industry. Presented by HealthTechX, the hosts are dedicated to delivering content that showcases how healthtech and healthcare innovators are reshaping and constructing a future defined by seamless digital healthcare experiences.

  3. "Build 'Em Up" - Produced by the National Rural Health Alliance, this podcast features upbeat local community experiences and inspirational rural health stories to help build the health and wellbeing of rural, regional and remote communities around Australia.

  4. "Australian Digital Health Agency Podcast" - Brought to clinicians by the Australian Digital Health Agency, this series brings a range of digital health topics to the fore. The podcast recognises Australia’s need for a connected healthcare system is now greater than ever and brings resources to help make it more accessible, progressive and importantly secure.

  5. "Online Marketing For Doctors" - This podcast is tailored specifically to ambitious doctors and surgeons, offering actionable insights and strategies to implement smart, impactful marketing tactics. These ideas are designed to not only help clinicians grow but also to scale their practice, which is particularly helpful when designing a hybrid model.

These podcasts offer valuable resources for healthcare professionals, policymakers and anyone interested in staying informed about the evolving field of telehealth in Australia. Whether you're seeking practical insights, expert perspectives or policy updates, tuning into these podcasts can enrich your understanding of telehealth and its impact on healthcare delivery.

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