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Silvia Pfeiffer In The Australian Top List of 100 Innovators

Coviu CEO and Co-Founder Dr Silvia Pfeiffer has been recognised in the 2022 Australian's Annual List of Top 100 Innovators! We are so excited to see Silvia and Coviu recognised for the success in driving Australia's healthcare landscape forward and inspiring the nation to achieve continued success.



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Dr Silvia Pfeiffer



Dr Silvia Pfeiffer


Silvia is recognised in the Medical & Healthcare category, alongside Psylo, Modibodi, Eucalyptus, Mable, Kin Fertility, Seer, Pearlii & UMPS Health. We are so excited to see Silvia and Coviu recognised for its success in driving Australia forward and inspiring the nation to achieve continued success. Congratulations to all the other notable mentions in this category and the overall list. 


Dr Silvia Pfeiffer is Coviu’s CEO and Co-Founder and has over 20 years of experience building new Web Video Solutions. She has worked at leading corporations including Google, Mozilla, NICTA and CSIRO. Silvia spun Coviu out of the CSIRO as her second business after founding a Web video analytics company. Silvia has a PhD in computer science, a master's in business management, has published two books on HTML5 video, and one on video consultations for healthcare businesses.

We congratulate Silvia on all her amazing success and for being a transformative force for women in healthcare. 





The story of Coviu all started when Dr Silvia Pfeiffer was working at the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) on research into telehealth delivery platforms. 


Working closely with clinicians, Silvia found that existing consumer and corporate video calling software wasn’t meeting the needs of healthcare professionals. Not only did the software not meet the strict security and privacy requirements, there was no way to integrate the many tools and functions used on a regular basis: collecting payments, making appointments, gathering patient consent, and more.

There wasn’t an adequate tool available, so she built one. Fast forward to today and Coviu has achieved over 7 million consultations and has grown from conducting 400 consults a day, to now supporting over 10,000 daily consultations with over 90,000 clinicians using Coviu worldwide.

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