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Coviu Celebrates "What OT Means To Me"

Happy Occupational Therapy Week! "What does OT mean to you?"


Coviu is celebrating Occupational Therapy (OT) Week from 24th to 30th October, which includes World Occupational Therapy Day on the 27th October 2022.


Initiated by Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA), OT Week provides an opportunity for Australians to celebrate the vast and impactful work OTs do both at home, and abroad. Coviu joins OTA in celebrating the profession which betters so many lives in our community, by reflecting on this year’s theme “What OT means to me”.

With a significant number of telehealth users being Occupational Therapists, Coviu applauds the OTA’s efforts as the peak national body promoting the interests of OTs domestically. By making the 2022 theme about the personal impact of OT to individuals, the OTA shines a spotlight on experiences of professionalism and care that set amazing practitioners apart.



What OT means to Coviu 

We know, OT is not widely understood outside healthcare and OT Week provides a terrific opportunity to increase awareness.  OT is uniquely a client-centric profession adopting a ‘whole person perspective to work with individuals, groups, and communities to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through participation in the occupations of life.’

Coviu understands treatment is highly bespoke to each patient’s lifestyle and requirements, varying largely from client to client. Therapy often includes prescribing devices that enable patients to overcome limitations and increase their mobility in reaching their goals across certain daily activities, be it work, play or volunteering. Coviu knows ongoing monitoring of these activities is an integral part of the holistic treatment of OT patients.

Over the years’ we have been honoured to work closely with OTs around Australia. From these interactions, here are our 3 favourite things about OTs

  1. You enable everyday Australians to realise their best lives where they wouldn't otherwise be able to
  2. You better community by increasing individual engagement with wider society
  3. You are committed to the long haul with ongoing treatment programs

Visit Occupational Therapy Australia to learn more. 


How does Coviu’s Virtual Care Engagement Platform improve the overall OT experience?

Coviu is proud to support a number of Apps and Tools to enable occupational and manual therapists to conduct clinical sessions via telehealth.

Coviu allows you to share resources and use the interactive whiteboard feature to explain exercises as you talk them through. Coviu integrates with practice management software and allows you to provide clinical assessments and manage billing, including Medicare and insurance, all without leaving the platform.

Virtual Engagement Platform Coviu

Coviu, Virtual Care Engagement Platform

Key Benefits for OTs

  • Purpose-built features for healthcare industry such as waiting rooms aid greater professionalism
  • Better care with functionalities such as remote patient monitoring and early diagnostic tools
  • Greater rapport with clients who are often more responsive in the comfort of their own homes
  • Reduced no shows without the challenges of transportation or other mobility issues
  • Easier to monitor ongoing performance and record it in the one place with integrated clinical workflows
  • Group therapy options of up to 20 people enhancing treatment possibilities

How can I get involved this year?

OTA is offering a number of ways to get involved with OT Week this year including: Celebrate OT with your network, Participate in educational talks discussing long COVID and Burnout and Download resources for your wellbeing such as from TEN – The Essential Network for Health Professionals!

To discuss what OT means to you, you can also:

  • Partake in the 2022 OT Week Montage. Spread the word about OT Week and voice your experience with the industry by downloading a set of questions and sending OTA your answers in a short video or photo with your answers to be added to their OT Week Montage.
  • Share the message on social media using free resources from the OTA Website with the hashtags #OTWeek2022 and #WhatOTMeansToMe
  • Hang one of OT Week’s downloadable posters in your physical environment.
  • Host an event to celebrate OT Week and register it with OTA for promotion and support.




And there's more...

In addition, you can explore our library of telehealth resources here.

Dive into our:


We are grateful to the OTs in our network for all you do, so help us celebrate OT Week this year and voice what OT means to you.


Make sure to tag: #OTWeek2022 and #WhatOTMeansToMe

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