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How To Increase Patient Retention With Telehealth

Patient retention has become a critical focus for healthcare providers, and rightfully so. As the healthcare industry shifts towards more patient-centric care, maintaining long-term relationships with patients is paramount. This article explores the synergy between telehealth and patient retention strategies, highlighting how platforms like Coviu can play a pivotal role in enhancing patient engagement and loyalty.


Patient Retention


What is Patient Retention?

Patient retention refers to the ability of healthcare providers to keep patients engaged and actively involved in their care over an extended period. It involves building trust, fostering communication and delivering high-quality, personalised care that meets patients' needs. Effective patient retention strategies contribute not only to better health outcomes but also to the growth and success of healthcare practices. 

Increasing Your Patient Retention with Telehealth

Technology in healthcare increases patient access to care and improves care delivery models. By offering telehealth options for healthcare visits you make appointments more convenient and accessible for patients by offering a range of clinical-rich features that can significantly contribute to patient retention.

Firstly, telehealth eliminates geographical barriers, allowing patients to access care from the comfort of their homes. This level of convenience and accessibility encourages patients to schedule and attend appointments more regularly, leading to higher engagement and retention rates. In addition, telehealth enables healthcare providers to conduct regular follow-up appointments seamlessly. Patients are more likely to stay connected with their healthcare provider when they receive consistent attention and support. In addition, through Remote Patient Monitoring software, patients can share vital health data with their providers, who can then make informed decisions and provide personalised, ongoing care. 

This immediate access to healthcare services via telehealth enhances patient satisfaction and encourages patients to remain loyal to their chosen healthcare provider.

How to Choose the Best Telehealth Software for Patient Retention in 2023?

Telehealth is here to stay and when selecting a telehealth platform to enhance patient retention, you should consider the following features:

Cost Savings

Evaluate the platform's cost-effectiveness and potential for reducing healthcare expenses for both providers and patients. Coviu has various subscription models to choose from to suit your specific needs. Explore more here.

Convenience and Accessibility

Ensure the platform offers user-friendly interfaces and supports various devices to enhance patient engagement. Coviu's telehealth software offers convenience by making it extremely easy for patients to access through its browser-based technology. Patients simply click a link to enter a video consultation - no downloads required!

Timely Care and Reduced Wait Times

What is the platform's ability to provide prompt care and minimise appointment wait times? This is important when trying to increase patient retention. With Coviu, clinicians can utilise the virtual waiting area to triage appointments based on urgency. There is also the capability to communicate with patients via the waiting area to let them know how long left until they will be seen so that they are not left unattended and uninformed.

In addition, Coviu's Customisable Forms App allows you to administer custom forms/questionnaires pre-call and in-call. Pre-call forms can be super helpful in determining the urgency and complexity of the appointment for triaging purposes, as well as provide great insight to your client prior to the appointment. It can also save time during an appointment with more time spent diagnosing and going over results.  

Remote Patient Monitoring 

Opt for a platform that supports remote health monitoring and data sharing. Through Coviu's all-in-one virtual care engagement software, you can utilise the Pulse Oximeter Remote Monitoring App to remotely monitor your patients using Bluetooth-supported Pulse Oximeter devices within a Coviu call. The Pulse Oximeter Device will display live clinical readouts via Coviu, allowing the clinician to read for diagnostics remotely. 




Coviu: Your Patient Retention Solution

In addition to the above, Coviu stands out as a platform that enhances patient retention through:  

  • Video and phone capabilities that ensure effective communication between patients and healthcare providers

  • Patient privacy is a top priority for Coviu, with robust security including HIPAA and ST4S Compliance, end-to-end encryption, ISO 27001 certification and end-to-end encryption.

  • Coviu seamlessly integrates with existing practice management systems, streamlining workflows and enhancing patient engagement.

  • 50+ Clinical Apps tailored to your specialty. Apps are modules you can add to your Coviu account that extend the functionality and workflow capabilities of your clinic, including industry-leading assessment partner tools. With over 50 apps to choose from, Coviu has a selection of administrative and clinical teletherapy applications to bridge the gap between in-person and telehealth consults. 


Patient retention is a cornerstone of successful healthcare practices with telehealth acting as a powerful tool to achieve this outcome. With its focus on convenience, accessibility, and personalised care, telehealth platforms like Coviu have the potential to revolutionise patient retention. Embrace the future of healthcare by harnessing the capabilities of telehealth to enhance patient retention and foster lasting relationships.


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