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Coviu and CareRight Join Forces!

In the dynamic world of healthcare technology, two industry leaders, Coviu, Australia's premier telehealth platform, and CareRight, a leading medical software platform, have joined forces to deliver a game-changing integration.

The CareRight/Coviu collaboration aims to seamlessly merge the strengths of both platforms, providing users with an unparalleled experience in managing patient records and facilitating telehealth consultations.

The Power of CareRight 

CareRight EMR stands as a comprehensive web-based software designed to transform healthcare workflows. By consolidating people, data and communication into one integrated platform, CareRight streamlines organisational processes. With purpose-built clinical, billing and administration modules, this innovative solution is tailored to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers, continually improving through industry feedback and development.

How the Integration Works

Through the power of API integration, clinicians using CareRight's EMR platform can effortlessly set up telehealth consultation appointment types. This user-friendly feature allows clinicians to configure booking forms and appointment notifications seamlessly, ensuring that appointments are published to Coviu with ease. The integration extends to appointment details, visible in both the CareRight platform's Appointment Details section and the Coviu portal.

Real-Time Information Flow

Updates and cancellations become a breeze with automatic synchronisation between Coviu and CareRight. This ensures a constant flow of real-time information, keeping both platforms up-to-date. Patients benefit from the integration by receiving a convenient link to their telehealth appointment session, contributing to a smoother and more accessible healthcare experience.

A Leap Forward in Healthcare Delivery

This integration marks a significant milestone in healthcare technology, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. Clinicians can now leverage the best of both Coviu and CareRight, creating a more streamlined and patient-centric approach to healthcare. The seamless integration between EMR and telehealth platforms is poised to elevate the standard of care, making it more accessible and efficient for both providers and patients.

Delving Deeper into CareRight

Founded in 2006 by Clintel Systems, CareRight has been a steadfast presence in the healthcare software landscape. Providing clinical software, medical specialist software, and medical software management, CareRight has served a diverse range of healthcare providers across Australasia. With clientele ranging from major government departments to individual medical specialists and large private medical organisations, CareRight's impact is undeniable, having served over 500,000 patients in the past 15 years.

Try It For Yourself

As Coviu and CareRight seamlessly integrate, the future of healthcare technology looks brighter than ever. This collaboration not only represents a union of two industry leaders but also signifies a significant leap forward in enhancing the healthcare experience for providers and patients alike. Stay tuned as this innovative integration continues to redefine the landscape of EMR and telehealth solutions, and try it yourself on a free trial with Coviu today!

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