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Coviu & Rosemary Health Offering Digital Prescriptions

Coviu is proud to announce the integration with Rosemary Health is now live and available for use on the platform.

Rosemary Health is a secure prescription and medication delivery platform, allowing patients to access their treatments remotely. They have a growing network of pharmacies across Australia and service orders nation-wide. The integration with Coviu's platform will allow for complete remote prescription management, from the initial consult to the final delivery.

Patients across Australia will now be able to see their healthcare provider online via video consultation, have their script written up during the consult, sent to a Rosemary pharmacy and then delivered straight to their door. Patients can also have their repeats managed and be sent reminders when it's time to check in with their doctor, resulting in greater continuity of care.

Medical practitioners on Coviu's GP/Specialist plans wanting to try this new feature, can contact Coviu.

Rosemary Health and Coviu have partnered to offer complete remote prescription service to Australians

Australians who are elderly, disabled, have mobility impairments or chronic conditions and are on multiple medications, will significantly benefit from such a service. Even busy urban families with young children or working individuals will enjoy the flexibility and ease that this end-to-end solution provides.

This no-contact service is also particularly relevant during the current COVID-19 pandemic, whereby the Australian Government has announced universal telehealth MBS items in an effort to stop the spread.

Practitioners can securely prescribe medications online after consulting with patients, allowing them to continue working from home and provide care. Patients can then have medications delivered straight to their door, reducing their need for unnecessary exposure to others.

Patient's wanting to access Rosemary's service can simply click here to get started.

Practitioners who are interested in providing this service to patients can click here and sign up to Coviu's telehealth platform.



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