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Speech Pathologists experience great success with telehealth

As a speech pathologist, you understand how precious time is.

It’s likely many of your patients, particularly those in rural and remote areas, travel long distances for their appointments and, therefore, experience travel delays which have a run on effect into your schedule. Additionally, patients who experience physical or communication disabilities may find attending traditional sessions extremely physically, emotionally or cognitively draining. Parents of children in need of speech therapy may also find it difficult to access services due to the demands of their other children, busy work schedules and the travel time needed.

Coviu is the all-in-one telehealth solution which allows you to provide face-to-face care from your office or even the comfort of your own home, whilst reducing the need for patient travel and therefore eliminating no-shows.


An example of a Coviu call
An example of a Coviu call


Coviu’s video conferencing software was designed specifically to suit the needs of medical professionals, with inbuilt tools such as a shared whiteboard display, custom branded digital consultation rooms and integration with your clinical tools such as Extra Language Resources. Video sessions can now be appropriately booked and invoiced, whilst maintaining optimal privacy.


Coviu's video consultation software integrates with practice management software
Extra Language Resources is integrated into Coviu


Various Australian studies, a few of which can be accessed here and here, have found telehealth to be an equally effective means of achieving patient results as a traditional in-person session. This is particularly significant for rural and remote patients, individuals living with disabilities and busy parents of children with speech disorders. These patients can, therefore, access health care services more easily through telehealth. You will experience newfound flexibility and your patients receive great healthcare with a reduced need for travel. It’s a win-win!

For more information as to how Coviu can grow your practice whilst simultaneously achieving optimal patient health outcomes, book a demo with Linzi!

Image Source: Extra Update

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