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Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.



The statement “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” is still one of the greatest medical prescriptions ever offered to human populations. This medical marvel was coined by Hippocrates, almost 2500 years ago.

Fast forward to modern-day Australia and Nutritionists stand among the Allied Health Care giants as the beacons of light in preventative medicine.
They understand that food is far more than its energy output, that not all calories are created equal and that by permanently addressing inflammation within the body, long-term disease prevention can be achieved.

As skilled or as educated or as experienced as a Nutritionist may be, it’s not easy to operate as a full-time practitioner these days.

Rents are high, bills are endless and patient numbers can be low - not due to demand on the services of a Nutritionists but rather due to the limitations in accessing the Nutritionist. It’s not easy for clients to visit clinics during business hours and after hours are almost impossible with families and other commitments, and thus clinics struggle to turn a profit.

There are many options out there facilitating more accessible health care delivery options outside of typical clinical environments - mobile and browser-based platforms offer great solutions. Video consultations are more common, more convenient and more effective than we might think.

Many Nutritionists are conducting client consults via online mediums and are having relative success. However, most of these platforms are not secure, most especially if they are a free service. If they are free, then your data and your patient's data is at risk. And eventually, these platforms will be restricted and disallowed when dealing with patients and their private medical data.

Coviu Video Consultations have been developed specifically by Dr. Silvia Pfeiffer out of the CSIRO for clinicians of all shapes and sizes. Coviu offers shared screening options to view and review blood results, or upload documents such as food maps and diet diaries, even helping your client choose the right foods in the grocery store in real time are possible with Coviu video consultations.

nurtitional consult

Coviu’s video consultation platform is browser-based, secure and amazingly effective in bringing the consultation room into the digital age.

Coviu has over 2000 users who have conducted more than 22 000 consultations.
Coviu is not just a tool it’s a clinical necessity - don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself with a free trial Coviu has your Nutritional Clinic needs covered.

I’m Linzi, Coviu's Alternative Medicine Specialist and your Customer Success Manager. I’m here to help you get started successfully with video consultations. Book a one-on-one with me here: Coviu Demo with Linzi.

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