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Coviu is the Australian Government's telehealth platform of choice. Rich in clinical features and apps, it only takes healthcare providers minutes to set up and start consulting. Patients, simply click a link to join - no account needed. If you're a healthcare provider, get started with a two-week free trial!



Provide better health outcomes 



Ensure greater flexibility



Improve your bottom line

No credit card required.

Patients, no need to sign up. Your provider will send you a link.

"Coviu provides me with a reliable, effective and secure means of offering therapy in a face-to-face online context. Coviu is simple, flexible and easy to use."

Chris Larkin, Psychologist



To provide the best care, you need the best tools.

Coviu video telehealth is packed with features designed to enhance your consultations, all while fitting seamlessly into your current practice.

Coviu allows you to share resources and use the interactive whiteboard feature to explain diagrams, diagnoses and exercises. Coviu also integrates with remote patient monitoring devices and practice management software and allows you to provide a range of assessments, prescribe medication and manage billing, including Medicare and insurance, all within the platform.

DASS 21 - Multiple Devices - No Circles

Allied Health Professionals 

Coviu provides easy oversight and centralised management for larger organisations. It is custom built so that healthcare professionals can embrace all the flexibility and benefits of video telehealth without skipping a beat in your daily practice. 


  • Greater flexibility for you and your patients

  • Powerful apps tailored to your speciality

  • Share screen and whiteboard functions





XRAY - Multiple Devices - No Circles

General Practitioners 

Embrace the flexibility of telehealth without disrupting your day.

Coviu is designed to mirror how you currently run your clinic and you can be up and running in minutes!

  • Easy for you and your patients to use

  • Virtual waiting room mimics your current practice workflow

  • Secure payment including Medicare and DVA rebates

  • Inbuilt tools designed specifically with your practice in mind



Clinician-Group- coviu-enterprise


Looking for software that both helps you grow and can grow with you? 

Hosting 25,000+ consultations per day, Coviu provides scalable and customisable solutions, for larger organisations that want easy oversight and centralised management. Features include:  

  • Customisable

  • Full reporting capabilities

  • Easily scalable

  • Feature-rich




7 Million+

telehealth consultations have been successfully delivered globally using Coviu.

"So easy to use. It’s secure. Reliable. Purpose designed for Telehealth"

Angie Hazlehurst Counsellor & Family Therapist 

The Coviu Difference

Icon Holdersecure

Private and secure

HIPAA compliant and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensures your data is always safe & secure.

Icon Holderanydevice

Works on Any Device

Coviu works on any device (computer, tablet, or phone) on all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, & Microsoft Edge).

Icon Holderaustralian

Proudly Australian

Coviu was founded within CSIRO in 2016 by Australia’s top computer scientists & engineers.

Icon Holdereasy

Easy for Patients

No downloads, installations or account creation required. Patients just click a link and connect!

Icon Holdersupport

Amazing Support

We're here to support you 9am-5pm Sydney time (AEST) through live chat.

Icon Holdersafe

Keep Your Staff Safe

Help stop the spread. Adopt remote care wherever possible, to protect your staff.

Our Story

It all started when Founder Dr. Silvia Pfeiffer was working at the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) on research into telehealth delivery platforms. 

Working closely with clinicians, Dr. Silvia Pfeiffer found that existing consumer and corporate video calling software wasn’t meeting the needs of healthcare professionals. Not only did the software not meet the strict security and privacy requirements, there was no way to integrate the many tools and functions used on a regular basis: collecting payments, making appointments, gathering patient consent, and more.

There wasn’t an adequate tool available, so she built one.



Explore Coviu Apps

Achieve more with your calls using powerful apps to suit your specialty.


"I absolutely love the waiting room”

I had tried to set up telehealth services in various settings before, but only Coviu made it possible. I absolutely love the waiting room feature. You really can't have another patient try to call you while you're on another session - patient privacy and security is crucial.

richard-harvey_headshot_200x200 Richard Harvey

"Customer service is brilliant”

If you are looking for a Telehealth platform that offers lots of features then Coviu may well be what you are looking for. It integrates with a number of Practice Management Systems, is easy to use and well-priced.

Their customer service is brilliant: very responsive and goes way beyond whatever is asked for.

crispian-jones_headshot_200x200 Crispian Jones Seachange Psychology

"Taking up Coviu at the start of COVID was magic”

As a Practising Dietitian and Director of Great Ideas in Nutrition, the visual component is perfect for telehealth. Nothing is better than hearing a client in a Coviu call say "I see exactly what you mean".

The practice has always offered clients the opportunity to consult with us by telephone or Skype but taking up Coviu at the start of COVID was magic.

amandaclark Amanda Clark Great Ideas in Nutrition

Experience Coviu now, risk free.

With all the handy features and time-saving tools, we’re confident you’ll love using Coviu.
Switching to telehealth can be a big change, which is why you can try it for free for two weeks. No commitment or credit card required.


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As a patient, you do not need to sign up to a Coviu account. Your healthcare provider will use their account and send you a link to join at the time of your consultation.

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