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Using Telehealth To Access Mental Health Support

Ongoing lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions have placed greater stress on our mental health, but the long-term implications remain somewhat of a mystery. The positive news is that more Aussies are willing to seek help, and in the digitally advanced world we live in now, there are many options out there.

More Australians are beginning to consider therapy and professional help as a means for improving mental health, particularly during these difficult times. With restricted travel, increased demand, and far fewer people keen on face-to-face treatment, a great number of Psychologists have moved to telehealth during the pandemic.


As reported by Man of Many, "accepting some things that just can’t be done online, telehealth sessions via platforms like Zoom or Coviu offer pretty much the same experience as being in the room with another person."


They report, “In many ways, it’s even better because you don’t have the stigma that can sometimes follow you – like worrying about seeing someone you know, or feeling overwhelmed about leaving the house. So, if you can’t see someone face-to-face, ask for a telehealth session. It’s super easy to organise and there are no additional costs. The only thing to consider is that you need a device, strong internet connection, and a quiet and private space in your home to have a chat.”


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