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Coviu Expands READ Clinic's Clinical Footprint

Nathan Beehag

Nathan Beehag

Clinical Psychologist, The READ Clinic

Nathan Beehag is a Senior Clinical Psychologist and Director at the READ Clinic, passionate about treating people who have experienced trauma. He explains how Coviu has helped the clinic reach more clients with hybrid care.

Tell us about your organisation, your role and when you started using telehealth.

We are a large private psychology practice with over 30 psychologists. My role as a Director and Clinical Psychologist involves the implementation and daily use of our practice management software (Halaxy) and Coviu. We have been using Coviu since 2020 (the start of COVID-19). We have watched it grow and constantly improve its product.


What factors have you found are most important for the successful adoption of telehealth amongst psychologists?

Coviu's simple integration and automation with Halaxy has been a game changer for our psychologists and clients. It is very simple and safe with good functionality.


What are the main painpoints psychologists are facing right now that virtual care solves?
Coviu solves the problem of clients forgetting appointments where we can simply switch to telehealth to ensure they still receive support. It allows us to treat clients all over Australia and some clients overseas.


What features do you use and why?
We use all features from video, camera, sharing documents to drawing pictures and more.


Do you have any success stories that you would like to share with us about your use of telehealth? 
It has been great to expand our client pool from local clients to clients across Australia! This includes when clients move away from our clinic sites and when they are out on holidays or away for work.


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Learn more about Nathan Beehag and the READ Clinic here.


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