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Enhance Teletherapy for Children with Coviu

Children's therapy, whether for speech, occupational, or behavioural challenges, relies on the engagement and active participation of young patients. To further enrich the therapy experience for children, Coviu has a number of unique integrations with partners such as Pearson, Boom Learning and eLr. Together, they offer innovative solutions to boost engagement and learning outcomes during virtual therapy sessions.

Unlocking Engaging Teletherapy for Kids: Navigating the Coviu Advantage

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Every practitioner engaged in the dynamic landscape of children's teletherapy, knows that optimising engagement is key to fostering meaningful interactions and successful outcomes. Coviu, with its integrated teletherapy and teleassessment platform, empowers practitioners with innovative features tailored to captivate young minds. Let's delve into some tips to elevate the teletherapy experience for children:

1. Interface Optimisation to Minimise Distractions

Coviu's thoughtfully designed interface prioritises simplicity and minimises distractions, creating a focused environment conducive to engagement. By streamlining the visual elements, children can better concentrate on the therapy session without unnecessary disruptions.

2. In-Built Teleassessments for Remote Delivery 

Explore the seamless integration of in-built teleassessments within Coviu, optimised for remote delivery. This stands in stark contrast to traditional video software, offering a more reliable and efficient assessment experience. Coviu's approach which includes in-built Pearson assessments, ensures a smoother process, with a variety of control permissions, purpose-built aesthetics and ease-of-use that enhances the overall teletherapy journey for both practitioners and young clients. You can find out more about how Coviu's practitioners are delivering remote assessments in our Pearson case study. Or you can discover how it works yourself with a free trial. 

3. Interactive Resources and Gamification

Partnering with industry leaders ELR and Boom Learning, Coviu brings interactive resources and gamification into the teletherapy realm. Games and interactive resources tailored to educational objectives not only make learning enjoyable but also provide a valuable tool for therapists to gauge a child's progress in a playful setting.

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4. Accessing a Client's Inner World Through Telehealth

Coviu's platform transcends physical barriers, enabling therapists to access a client's inner world through telehealth. Building rapport and fostering a connection become tangible, enhancing the therapeutic relationship despite the virtual setting. In Eat, Speak, Learn's case study on delivering telehealth to paediatric clients in an integrated allied health clinic, Cofounder Chris imparts his learnings on how to best maximise engagement for children through Coviu.

5. Preparation and Assessing the Client's Environment

Ensuring a conducive environment is crucial for successful teletherapy. Coviu equips therapists with tools to assess and prepare a client's environment, addressing potential disruptions and enhancing the overall quality of the session. This includes test calls and a library of telehealth resources to help you prepare your best approach to inducting new clients for telehealth success.

6. Personalisation of Children's Telehealth Experiences

Recognising the uniqueness of each child, Coviu emphasises personalisation. Tailoring sessions to individual needs and preferences creates a more engaging and effective teletherapy experience. Unleash the power of customisation with our platform, offering the flexibility to whitelabel your virtual clinic using your brand colours and logo. Choose from a diverse marketplace of over 50 apps to handpick tools that mirror your preferred workflows. This level of customisation empowers you to create tailored experiences for children, ensuring heightened engagement like never before.

7. Taking Breaks for Children with Attention Difficulties

Understanding the challenges faced by children with attention deficits, Coviu allows for flexible scheduling and allows for practitioners to incorporate breaks within sessions. This approach accommodates varying attention spans, promoting sustained engagement over the course of a therapy session or remote assessment.

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The partnership between Coviu and each of Boom Learning, eLr and Pearson represents a significant step forward in the field of teletherapy for children. By incorporating engaging and interactive educational resources into virtual therapy sessions, therapists can maximise children's engagement and accelerate their progress. Coviu demonstrates how technology can be harnessed to improve the lives of children and their families by making therapy both more effective and enjoyable. It's a testament to the power of innovation and partnership in the world of healthcare and education.

Watch Our Recent Webinar with Our Partners

In our recent webinar with eLr and Boom Learning, best practices for teleassessment delivery were discussed with a focus on interactive resources for children. You can watch it for free here.

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