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Becoming Telehealth Experts - Talkativity


Lexie Coventry

Speech Pathologist at Talkativity 


What’s your experience with telehealth been like to date? How has this changed since the outbreak of Coronavirus?

When Covid-19 first began like all Victorian businesses we had to figure out how to carry out our usual work over a screen. This initially was a huge challenge, however, now we all feel like experts conducting telehealth sessions!

What are the benefits of using telehealth for your patients?

Our practice is based in a metropolitan area however we now have clients as far west as Victoria and Gippsland. Thanks to Coviu we are able to provide services to these areas.

I work mostly in schools, while in-person therapy has its benefits, it can be difficult to speak to parents and carers. With telehealth, I am now able to speak with the parents of my clients more regularly with a simple click of a button.



"[Telehealth] initially was a huge challenge, however, now we all feel like experts conducting telehealth sessions!"

Lexie Coventry on picking up telehealth during the pandemic



How has providing telehealth helped your business?

We were able to stay open and provide much-needed support to many vulnerable families.

How has using telehealth changed your clinical practice?

We are now able to offer services to regional Victoria. Using telehealth as a means of providing therapy also means that if families are isolating or have a few symptoms, their session can still go ahead and doesn't need to be cancelled.

Approximately what percentage of your appointments did you conduct over telehealth before COVID-19 and how much telehealth do you do now?

We did not do any telehealth prior to COVID-19. Currently, somewhere between 30-50% of our appointments are done virtually. 

What are your visions for the future of telehealth?

I hope telehealth is always an option for those who prefer it. Many of my clients who are Autistic prefer to speak over a screen as it makes them feel more comfortable and removed the social load that would exist in a face to face conversation.

Before you found Coviu, what problem were you facing? In other words what led you to try using Coviu?

We were unable to conduct assessments during our telehealth sessions with the standard video conferencing software that we were using. Then we learned that Coviu partnered with Pearson Clinical, that's exactly what we needed, so we made the switch. 

Are there any other ways in which Coviu has helped you?

The live chat is amazing. During those very stressful times when we just started doing telehealth and encountered troubleshooting difficulties, the live chat with a Coviu expert has been such a great help. They have always been able to answer questions and understand my sense of urgency.


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