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Phone and Video Reimbursements

The Government is providing $106 million over four years to support permanent telehealth services, ensuring greater flexibility to patients and doctors for the delivery of health care; allowing GPs, specialists, and allied health professionals to continue to consult with their regular patients online.






Reimbursement Factsheets


As you may know, we gather many of the video telehealth reimbursements that are available for patients across different medical and allied health services to reflect information made available by Medicare.


Now that Coviu provides phone telehealth services, in addition to video consultations for seamless clinic management, we have updated these factsheets to include both video and phone MBS Items for your profession!


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We endeavour to interpret the MBS fact sheets provided by Medicare to the best of our ability. If you notice an error that needs adjusting please contact us here


There is also a separate legal entity, MBS answerswhich endeavours to answer any Medicare-related questions you may have for free! Take a look at the website here.



Virtual Engagement Platform Coviu


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