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Exciting New Pearson Updates!

We are excited to announce some exciting new Pearson updates now available on Coviu. Get started with a 2-week free trial and start utilising these features today!



Pearson Assessment
KTEA-3 Form A, Stimulus Books 1 & 2

Pearson Clinical's Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Third Edition (KTEA-3) Form A, Stimulus Books 1 & 2 + digital administration is now available to install on Coviu! 


Empower all your students to succeed and receive a deeper understanding of achievement gaps with the KTEA-3 assessment. The KTEA-3 is a self-administered measure of academic achievement for children, adolescents and young adults. This comprehensive assessment of key academic skills assesses a broad measure of listening, speaking, reading, writing and math skills.


Install for just $20/month/account. For Enterprise accounts, contact your Coviu Account Manager for more information and to get this installed on your account! 



Group 113 (1)

Pearson Digital Administration


Coviu has partnered with Pearson Clinical to enhance our Pearson assessments delivered through Coviu. In addition to the KTEA-3, digital administration is now also available to install for the KBIT-2 Pearson assessment, in addition to the Pearson stimulus book.

Through the added ability of digital administration, clinicians will be able to view the questions for each item in the assessment next to the stimulus book. The administration instructions will be available to examiners conducting Pearson assessments on-screen ensuring maximum engagement with the examinee. 
This App is available to install for free!


Learn more about Pearson on Coviu and all our other available Pearson Assessments here.



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