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Marketing Your Telehealth Practice

You are up and running telehealth consultations, but how do you attract clients to your new service? Marketing your telehealth practice can be challenging so we have put together a guide on the ins and outs on how to market your telehealth practice.


One of the most common questions we get asked here at Coviu is, ‘I’ve set up my telehealth practice, but how do I attract bookings for my new service?'.


Marketing your telehealth practice can be a challenging aspect many clinicians face when providing a telehealth service to their clients, but don't worry - you are not alone! 


We have put together the ins and outs on how to market your telehealth practice in our very own guide! These steps are easy to implement and will assist you with transitioning your existing clients, as well as acquiring new clients to your practice. 


Read our step by step guide here. 






When it comes to marketing your practice, there are a number of ways to approach it and with research showing that 44% of Aussies would switch providers to one that offers video telehealth, there is no better time to start.




In our guide, you will find lots of useful tips and tricks including recommended digital marketing tools. Digital marketing is essential, especially when it comes to running a digital practice! It only makes sense, right? Digital marketing tools help you create a strategy to reach your target customers and guide them through the customer journey. One example of an effective digital marketing tool is directory listings.

Directories are used by people when searching for specific doctors, allied health
professionals, or practices. Coviu's very own telehealth directory Online Doctors Directory of Australia (ODDA) is a great place to start. ODDA is top ranked on google and listings are free for all healthcare providers (not just medical doctors).

Claiming your free listings on well known patient-facing directories will not only increase your exposure to new clients, but you will be able to mention your telehealth service offering, providing you a competitive advantage with your product offerings. In our guide, we recommend some great directories to help you get started! In addition, we discuss other unpaid and paid digital marketing tools and how to use them to your advantage, including website, social media, email marketing, and more.


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Our guide also dives into some great offline marketing tools that your practice could benefit from too (both paid and unpaid), one of them including, waiting room screen advertisements.

Clients often spend quite some time in the waiting room before their appointment
begins, giving you a great opportunity to grab their attention and inform them of your telehealth service via your waiting room TV screens. A short video about your telehealth service repeated occasionally throughout the hour is a great way to expose clients to your service. Alternatively, if you don't usually have your volume on the TV and use it more for static imagery, you could advertise written messages promoting your telehealth service, encouraging clients to ask reception for more information while they wait. 

In our guide, we dive in further and talk about additional offline marketing channels including networking, direct postal mail, referral partners, and more. 




Read our guide and give these tips a try! Let us know how you go, and as always if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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