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Integrated Telehealth and Remote Monitoring Solution

Coviu has partnered with health monitoring software vendor The Clinician to launch an integrated telehealth and remote patient monitoring solution for general practices for the management of COVID-19 patients in the home. Pulse+IT reports.

Coviu and The Clinician App

The solution is similar to a hospital-in-the-home care model and will allow GPs and practice nurses to remotely monitor patients and their symptoms with Bluetooth devices and symptom recording, as well as consult with patients directly through a video call if necessary.

Using the platform, clinicians can enroll their patients in a purpose-built COVID-19 digital solution that collects key vitals such as temperature and blood oxygen saturation levels, as well as subjective patient-reported outcomes like chills, coughing, muscle aches and other symptoms.


It can then alert practitioners when a patient’s vital signs are outside the normal parameters, allowing for early intervention by video call. It is also aimed at reducing the need to make routine video calls – which are time-consuming for busy clinicians – several times a day.


Coviu CEO and co-founder Silvia Pfeiffer said the idea was to make remote monitoring of patients as simple as possible for general practices, which are being encouraged through the federal government’s $180m primary health package to support COVID-19 cases at home.


“What we want to do to help GPs is to make it simpler and as seamless as possible,” Dr Pfeiffer said. “Essentially, the way it would work is for a GP who has already signed up through Coviu or Healthdirect. We would add another element to their interface where they can get the dashboard, which is within The Clinician, to see all of the patients that are being monitored. They don't need to sign up for another platform.”


You can read the full article by Pulse+IT here.



About Coviu
Coviu is Australia’s most trusted video telehealth solution, powering secure and feature-rich video consultations. In 2020, 60,000+ Coviu users offered over 3 million healthcare video consultations across the country. To date, Coviu has delivered over 5.5 million healthcare video consultations to 65,000+ users, partly via the Healthdirect video call platform which is a Coviu customer.
Coviu aims to improve healthcare accessibility for all, and allow both patients and providers to discover the benefits of video consultations such as cost and time savings, reduced no-shows, improved patient satisfaction and greater flexibility.


About The Clinician
The Clinician is a digital health leader, redefining how healthcare is measured and delivered. The Clinician’s cloud-based platform, ZEDOC, enables healthcare providers to manage patient-reported health data outside traditional clinical settings and transform slow, inefficient care processes through digitalisation.
Tightly integrated with health information systems, ZEDOC supports timely exchange of health data and information between providers and patients, including subjective patient-reported measures (PROMs and PREMs), objective wearable/device data, and important communication or educational materials.



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