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Designing a Human-Centred Service with Video Telehealth

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Dr. Rebecca Frost, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Benchmark Psychology


How can we digitise healthcare services without compromising human interaction? For Benchmark Psychology this was one of the key questions when designing video telehealth services for their clients. Using Coviu’s Virtual Waiting Area, Benchmark Psychology was able to achieve exactly that - create a video telehealth service that is just like an in-person experience.




Virtual front door

Benchmark Psychology added a button on the clinic’s website that enables all visitors and customers to easily connect with reception staff. This button became the virtual front door into the clinic - instantly connecting a client to a receptionist through a video call. New customers can speak to the friendly admin staff to learn whether this may be the right place for them to seek therapy. While existing clients can seamlessly connect to their session, drop in to book an appointment, or just to see a friendly face. New clients are even encouraged to run an online practice session with a receptionist to ensure they feel confident using Coviu prior to their first appointment.


Benefits of video telehealth

Since rolling out video telehealth, Dr. Rebecca Frost, Director of Benchmark Psychology, notes that it has made therapy a lot more accessible for many clients. Particularly for people seeking couples therapy and for clients with disabilities. The ability to receive therapy from one’s own home means the need to travel and time off work or studies is no longer a major barrier. In addition, the ability to see clients at home, in their natural environment can provide many insights into the social determinants of client’s mental health to their clinician. These insights can be key to understanding clients and can lead to breakthroughs in treatment.


Preparing clients for video telehealth

Educating clients about video telehealth has also been instrumental in ensuring smooth processes, client satisfaction, and positive outcomes. Benchmark developed a document called ‘Telehealth Hints and Tips for Clients’ outlining telehealth security concerns, how confidentiality is ensured, step-by-step instructions and advice on connecting to video telehealth session, as well as tips to ensure clients have a great telehealth experience.



By using Coviu’s central waiting area Benchmark Psychology created an opportunity for people to connect with the clinic easily and seamlessly, whether they are a prospective client or an existing one. Client education and additional telehealth resources have helped eliminate a lot of technical issues and anxiety. Overall, Benchmark has shown us that with the right approach, video telehealth can be client-centered, enabling us to develop strong bonds with clients, build rapport, whilst also making therapy accessible for all without compromising clinical outcomes.



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