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Coviu Offsite 2024: A Glimpse into the Future

At Coviu’s 2024 Company Offsite, the team embarked on an exciting journey, unveiling the company's new strategy and delving into some dynamic team-building activities and future-oriented discussions. Here’s a summary of the key highlights that shaped the offsite and set the tone for an innovative year ahead.

offsiteA New Strategy for the Future

At Coviu's offsite, there was much anticipation as new CEO, Diana Pitts, unveiled the ambitious strategy for FY25, with a vision to make telehealth accessible to everyone, everywhere, ensuring fair and equitable healthcare access. Coviu's mission is to empower organisations with the tools and digital infrastructure they need to simplify telehealth. The team are focusing on strategic priorities that enhance performance and value, ensuring Coviu is the platform of choice for leading enterprise health customers. The goal: to create a product that is streamlined, simple, yet flexible, and widely adopted across Coviu's target specialties.

Embracing Renewed Core Values

One of the most significant moments was the discussion and refinement of Coviu's core values, guided by team feedback. The team focused on values that truly resonated with the refreshed mission and culture.

The session was interactive, with everyone sharing their thoughts on what values are most important. The feedback has been gathered, and we’re in the process of finalising these values to reflect Coviu's collective vision. 

CSI Death of a Diva: Team Building Fun

Coviu's team building exercise, "CSI Death of a Diva," was a hit! Teams were challenged to solve the mysterious murder of Carlotta, a famous local diva and cabaret performer. This engaging activity required participants to use their analytical skills, gather information, solve problems, and utilise resources efficiently.

Teams competed in various challenges to earn equipment packs, which included costume items and cameras with limited film. The event was not only a test of everyone's investigative skills but also a lot of fun, filled with laughter and creativity as teams reenacted and photographed scenes from the mystery. It was a fantastic way to bond and unleash the team's creative energies!

team building

Innovating the Future of Digital Health

The team's discussions on the future of digital health were both inspiring and thought-provoking. They explored numerous possibilities, including:

  • AI Advancements: From Chat Knowledge Bases and Live Translation to real-time diagnostics and personalised treatment plans, AI is poised to revolutionise healthcare. By leveraging vast amounts of patient data, AI can facilitate precision medicine, tailoring treatments to individual needs.

  • Ubiquitous Remote Monitoring and Telehealth: The future could see remote monitoring and telehealth becoming commonplace, minimising the need for in-person visits. Wearable devices and smart implants could provide continuous health updates, while AI-driven virtual assistants would offer instant medical advice and support.

Looking Ahead

Coviu's vision for digital health in 2034 is one where the quality of care is significantly enhanced, patient outcomes are improved, and healthcare delivery systems are streamlined, making healthcare more accessible and efficient for everyone.

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