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MSIA CEO Highlights Coviu and Leidos Project

Health Services Daily recently covered Coviu's involvement in the Leidos project,  in an interview with Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA) CEO Emma Hossack, who sheds light on the challenges and opportunities faced by Australia's healthcare technology sector.

Emma Hossack HSD

Hossack, a seasoned advocate for local health tech businesses, emphasises the pivotal role of interoperability technology amid significant reform efforts in the healthcare sector.

Hossack's insights underscore the complexities of navigating government policies and transforming legacy systems to meet modern demands for data sharing and connectivity. She emphasises the need for realistic sequencing, tighter collaboration between policy and implementation teams, and sustainable business models to support innovation.

The discussion also addresses concerns about the government's approach to procurement, highlighting the need for streamlined processes and consistent standards. Hossack advocates for greater support for local vendors, citing the success of initiatives like eScripts as evidence of the industry's capabilities.

Moreover, Hossack emphasises the importance of learning from past failures, such as the PwC debacle and leveraging local expertise to drive meaningful change. She highlights the potential of initiatives like the Defence Healthcare System project as models for effective information exchange within specific environments.

Overall, Hossack's insights underscore the challenges and opportunities facing Australia's healthcare technology sector, emphasising the need for collaborative efforts between government and industry to drive meaningful reform and innovation.

"I’m excited to see the Defence [healthcare system] project [JP2060] which involves a number of MSIA members including MediRecords, Alcidion and Coviu – a smart move which should be watched carefully as a model for how information can be exchanged purposefully in a very specific environment. It could well be the model for the national HIEs." Emma Hossack said.


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