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Webinar: Conducting Pearson Assessments via Telehealth

Coviu delivered a webinar on 'Conducting Pearson Assessments via Telehealth' featuring the WIAT-III A&NZ with presenters Stewart D'Silva - Pearson & Peter Simpson-Young, Coviu.


Webinar: Conducting Pearson Assessments via Telehealth


If you missed the live webinar, or would simply like to rewatch it, you can view the full video recording here and download the slides here.

pearson webinar thumbnail recording


 pearson webinar wiat

Coviu & Pearson Resources


We were so lucky to have been joined by Stewart D'Silva to discuss the WIAT-III A&NZ assessment in detail! For more helpful links and resources, see here:

  • To learn more about Coviu's integration with Pearson Clinical assessments, click here

  • To purchase the WIAT-III A&NZ on Coviu, you can do so for $20 per month, per Coviu account. View here.

  • To watch Stewart and Pete give a live demo of the WIAT-III A&NZ via Coviu, click here.

  • View the WIAT-III A&NZ Configurations Document here.

  • For any Pearson Clinical questions or enquiries, you can reach Stewart via email.

  • For any Coviu related enquiries, you can reach Pete via email or you can email Coviu Support.



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