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April Wrap Up - Discover The Latest at Coviu!

Catch up with us this month! Check out what new features we have been working on, register for our free, educational webinar, find out which upcoming industry events we will be at and more!



Industry Events

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Free Webinar




Upcoming Webinar

From Local to National: Grow Your Practice With Telehealth & Online Courses

Presented by Coviu & Market Savvy


Join Us: Tuesday 2nd May

7pm - 8pm AEST


Join us for this free practical training webinar! Coviu's CEO Dr Silvia Pfeiffer joins Megan Walker, Director of Market Savvy to discuss:

  • How to incorporate telehealth into your product offering to support a broader range of clients including the latest apps to enhance your telehealth consultations.

  • How to offer group consultations to support training sessions, team care arrangements, group therapy sessions and more.

  • The opportunities created by online courses to help more people and increase your revenue at scale and how to package telehealth with an online course as a cost-effective offering.

  • How to grow your practice and become known for your expertise (beyond your local area) through digital healthcare delivery. 

  • There will also be time for a live Q&A session.





Product Updates




Voicemail Functionality

Voicemail for Coviu Phone telehealth has arrived! 


Create 24/7 accessibility with this new, exciting feature allowing:

  • Your patients/clients to leave voicemail messages when a call is unable to be taken. 

  • Various options to configure your set-up to suit your practice workflow including the ability to send incoming calls to voicemail immediately, after a delay or when your clinic Waiting Area is out of hours.

  • Custom messages can be set for your patients/clients to hear before leaving a voicemail.
📞 Enable Phone Telehealth on Standard and Premium plans to access this feature! For Enterprise accounts speak to your Coviu account manager to get this enabled. 




filtering (2)


Team Member Configuration - Filtering Available


Now you can filter your Clinic Team Members by their Role and/or Permissions!

Users are able to select the Role/Permission level they are looking for in a specific team member and are also able to search by Keyword. For example, if a user is looking for a team member with admin access, they can simply select the Administrator filter under 'Roles'. The search results will then only display team members with the Administrator role. This feature is particularly useful for clinics with large teams to manage. 


When selecting multiple filter options, for example selecting both Administrator and Referrer Roles, this will act as an OR condition, meaning that it will show any user that has either of these Roles. This is the case for the Permissions filter as well. To clear a set filter, select Reset. 




Virtual Backgrounds

You can now choose the look of your virtual clinic with a range of new backgrounds! The Virtual Backgrounds App allows you to select from a number of pre-populated virtual backgrounds for the background of your video feed. Alternatively, you can blur your background. This is useful in obscuring your physical location to provide greater visual privacy while you are on a video call.




Coming Soon


pre session form

Pre-Session Forms Preview


Not long to go until the Customisable Forms App supports the ability for clinicians to send their clients/patients forms prior to their session. This will allow clients/patients to complete forms days or even weeks before their scheduled consultation!


This feature will only be available if you have both the Scheduled Sessions App and Customisable Forms App installed. 


All product updates can also be viewed here.






Eat Speak Learn (3)


Best Practices In Hybrid Care Webinar & Case Study


Celebrating children’s achievements is a core philosophy of Eat Speak Learn, an integrated practice offering a number of allied health services with a unique speciality in paediatric feeding disorders. Recently, Coviu partnered with Eat Speak Learn to deliver a LinkedIn Live event on Best Practices in Hybrid Care, as well as an educational case study that dives into best practice recommendations as to how remote assessments can be integrated into your clinical practice and how you can reap the benefits!








Woolworths Move Shakes Up Traditional Healthcare Models


Woolworths announcing telehealth services at $45 a session through their brand healthylife is a wake-up call for the healthcare industry to implement telehealth more widely. For clinicians looking to secure the future of their practice, telehealth is no longer a nice to have, but a must. 

“It demonstrates to the general public that this should be a standard service offering by any provider,” Dr Silvia Pfeiffer says. “Now patients will be voting with their feet whether they want easy access to healthcare, or whether they want to stay and go through the more complicated processes with their existing GP or healthcare provider.”






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