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Coviu & Alcidion's Remote Patient Monitoring Solution!

As virtual care enters a new phase of outcome-focused care to address existing problems within the current health system, Coviu & Alcidion are leading the way with a new, real-time remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution.

With Alcidion’s Miya Care app now integrated into Coviu’s platform, care teams can set up tasks for patients during their recovery at home. Results from these tasks feed back into Coviu in real-time through video consultations, meaning practitioners can stay on top of patients' symptoms over time before they escalate and turn into emergency conditions. 

The Miya Care app records data from patients self-monitoring symptoms such as temperature and blood pressure, provides alerts, and measures vital signs. Measurements outside the norm prompt clinicians to proactively contact patients through Coviu, ushering in a new style of healthcare delivery.

Coviu's CEO Dr Silvia Pfeiffer spoke on the new opportunities for patients and clinicians offered through its RPM solution with Alcidion, saying:

"The use of phone or video telehealth for remote patient monitoring is an important part of patient care, providing the ability to host virtual consults with ease for both clinicians and patients.

Alcidion is a software that is used in many hospitals and is transforming the way patient services are provided. Together, we aim to highlight the need for streamlined communication between the patient and their care team creating smarter interactions through the use of virtual care."

RPM technology gives patients the power to take control of their health, and provides more access to care, ultimately leading to better healthcare outcomes.




Alcidion-logoAbout Alcidion

Alcidion was founded on one simple belief. That smart technology can drive meaningful change. Since 2000, it has worked hard to create not just world-leading health informatics and solutions, but a future that’s smarter and safer for all. Where every point of care is personalised and precise. Where clinicians have insights at their fingertips to prevent clinical errors and intervene. And where communication between clinicians is seamless and instant. Today, with Miya Precision and Smartpage Alcidion is on a mission to help even more healthcare organisations harness the power of their data to improve patient outcomes. 


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