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Coviu & 2M Language Services Delivered a Webinar!

Coviu partnered with 2M Language Services to deliver a free, live webinar on 'How to Achieve Health Equity'.


If you missed the live event, or would simply like to rewatch it, you can view the video recording and download the slides here.


Webinar Recording

🌐Connect with Dr Silvia PfeifferTea Dietterich and Despina Amanatidou on LinkedIn.


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We are thrilled to have been joined by 2M's Founder and CEO Tea Dietterich, 2M's Interpreter Relationship Manager Despina Amanatidou and of course Coviu's Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, to provide their insights on health equity and how Coviu and the 2M lingo™ App are helping achieve this.


For more helpful links and resources, see below:

2M and Coviu

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