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5 Telehealth Trends to expect in 2020 - Part Two

You have reached the second article from our series on telehealth trends for 2020. To read part one, please click here.

Here is the next exciting trend to look out for this year!

2. Increased Use and Investment in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is expected to take on a greater role in healthcare than ever before.

As technology improves, it becomes more secure, precise and useful in allowing practitioners to remotely diagnose and treat patients. AI also can assist with removing paperwork and administrative functions and allowing practitioners to focus on patient care.

Coviu is currently working on 2 AI projects.

PhysioROM, our tele-rehabilitation project, is currently undergoing clinical trials in collaboration with CSIRO's Data 61, HFRC and The School of Sports Science, Exercise and Health at the University of Western Australia. PhysioROM performs real-time, range-of-motion analysis which is then used to track a patient's recovery.

Using this algorithm, patients will be measuring progress on their recovery with better accuracy to measurements done using a goniometer during in-patient rehabilitation. This will not only allow for more convenient rehabilitation services, but also enable hospital services to make considerable savings.


We have also recently announced our plans to integrate with ResApp's technology, a smartphone-based diagnostic respiratory test. This Australian company uses machine learning algorithms to diagnose a patient's cough remotely. In simple terms, the app listens to the patient’s cough, compares it to a significant amount of existing data and creates algorithms based on patterns and inference. ResApp assists practitioners with remote diagnosis and treatment, and can help determine how serious the patient's condition is.

We expect digital health companies to increase their use of, and investment in, artificial intelligence technologies in 2020.

We are releasing a new trend each day this week, so stay tuned to discover what else is coming in 2020!

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