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Upcoming Telehealth Conferences for General Practitioners

The following conferences may be interesting for GPs who are currently using telehealth or are curious about implementing telehealth into their practice.

May 2019:

• General Practice and Conference Exhibition; ‘GPCE Sydney 2019’, 17th-19th May, Sydney,

June 2019:

• Rural Doctors Association of Queensland; ‘RDAQ 30th Annual Conference’, 6th-8th June, Cairns,

• World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, ‘International Conference on Telecare, Telehealth and Telemedicine’, 11th-12th June, Copenhagen,

July 2019:

• General Practice and Conference Exhibition; ‘GPCE Perth 2019’, 27th-28th July, Perth,

September 2019:

• General Practice and Conference Exhibition; ‘GPCE Brisbane 2019’, 13th-15th September, Brisbane,

October 2019:

• Australian Association of Practice Management; ‘Waves of Change’, 1st-4th October, Brisbane,

• Telehealth Victoria; ‘Successes and Failures in Telehealth’, 21st October, Gold Coast,

• Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine; ‘Rural Medicine Australia 2019- Riding the Wave of Change’, 23rd-26th October, Gold Coast,

• Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; ‘GP19’, 24th-26th October, Adelaide,

• The Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association; ‘Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium’, 28th-30th October, Adelaide,

November 2019:
• General Practice and Conference Exhibition; ‘GPCE Brisbane 2019’, 15th-17th November, Melbourne,

March 2020:

Australian Healthcare Week; ‘10th Annual AHW’, March 25th-26th, Sydney,

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