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Coviu Newsletter September 2018


Welcome to our Newsletter for September 2018.

September has been our busiest month yet across all areas of our business and we’ve seen so many successes we simply couldn’t wait to tell you about them all.

Firstly, we made a significant hire for Sales & Marketing — Anton Cush, Director of Sales.

Anton Kush, CoviuWith almost 20 years in the healthcare industry, Anton has a track record of delivering innovation in care delivery across several geographies, delivering impactful solutions to care providers and their patients worldwide.

A patient-outcome evangelist and Telehealth advocate, Anton is focused on changing the future of healthcare across Australia.

Travelling worldwide to investigate, develop and advance markets in health, Anton collaborates with care providers, researchers and clinicians to identify gaps in treatment and education, future health policy, global trends, and applies Telehealth principles to improve health services performance.

Anton has a Bachelor of Applied Science, Master of Business Administration and a Master of e-Healthcare and we are ecstatic to welcome him aboard into his first (already storming) month.

Health Hack 2018: Coviu project wins 1st place

HealthHack is a 48-hour event that brings together scientists, researchers, students and healthcare professionals coupled with software developers, educators, engineers and designers to use open source coding to deliver innovative solutions to interesting health problems.

This year’s Coviu project was undertaken by Tom Quirk and Kaamraan Kamaal, our very first hires within the Coviu development team. Supported by Lex Toumbourou (ThoughtWorks) and Michael Swan (game developer), the team tackled a challenge with image analysis and machine learning and they WON!

Tom from Coviu

At Coviu we believe that health care should be accessible to everyone — a particular challenge is to provide services to deaf people. So, the team decided to translate sign language in real-time from video to text so that a deaf person could have a consultation with any healthcare provider even if they did not know sign language!

In under 48 hours, the team was able to produce a working prototype which translated the Auslan (Australian sign language) alphabet in real-time to text. You can see Tom spelling the letter “B” in the above image.

This is a very promising step towards having a world where anyone is able to communicate using sign language over video and we plan to work with the deaf community in Australia to extend this as a viable solution for receiving online healthcare by Coviu.

NEW FEATURE: Full-screen resources

If you’ve tried Coviu recently, you may have noticed a new button in the bar of annotation tools (see picture below) — it allows you to take the displayed resource into full-screen at your end, so you get a better view of what it is you are looking at.

X-ray on Coviu interface

In full-screen mode, the full width and height of your monitor is being used to render the resource. This also makes it easier to click on the other tools in the toolbar.

You can press ESC or the “X” to take it back to normal size so you can see the videos of the other participants next to the content again.

NEW FEATURE: Fading toolbar

As you are using the newly improved toolbar, you may also notice that we’ve built in a fade-out. In the past, the toolbar was overlayed slightly on top of the resources, which sometimes led to users not being able to see everything that they needed to.

Now, we’ve made the toolbar fade out after a couple of seconds!

This means if you are discussing something that happens to be underneath the toolbar, if you don’t touch the mouse or screen, the toolbar will become transparent and you’ll be able to see!

For more information on the new features please contact

Out and About: Coviu in Singapore

Coviu was invited to attend the SWITCH event in Singapore, kicking off a week of innovation and technology. Our CEO Dr Silvia Pfeiffer and our Mental Health Specialist Jo Childs, represented Coviu on a shared stall with the CSIRO, Main Sequence Ventures and the Australian Government as one of the best medical technology start-ups in Austral-Asia.

Here you can see Silvia with Dr Larry Marshall, CEO of CSIRO and the other exhibiting startups.

Coviu in Singapore event

Dr Pfeiffer was also invited as a keynote speaker to the “Women in Technology” event in Singapore on 19th September. Her talk was about “Building a Healthcare System from Scratch”.

Silvia Pfeiffer presenting on stage

Dr Pfeiffer also spoke at other events, including the launch of the CSIRO’s Singapore Landing Pad where she presented Coviu as a model for CSIRO spinouts and represented technology on a Digital Health panel at the Australian High Commission.

DID YOU KNOW: Save money with referrals

When referring new people, friends, or other practices to Coviu for a new account, you can share your referral code with them. If they then sign up with your code, you will receive 2 months credit on your next bill and they will also receive a free month trial.

For example, if you’re on our professional plan at $19.99 you will receive $39.98 credit as a thank you!

If you’re an administrator on a Professional Account, you can find it under “Billing + Plan” at https://<yourdomain>

Coviu referral discounts

You can invite others by sending them the full referral link pictured above — or by simply providing them with the 6 digit code which they can then enter manually when signing up.

And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us for a sneak-peak at the latest Coviu features — we’re always busy developing new features to help improve your workflow, allowing you to work more efficiently to scale your telehealth business.

Book a demo with me today!

I look forward to showing you around Coviu!

Linzi from Coviu

Linzi Fine, Customer Success Manager

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