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#14: Speech pathologists listen up

One of the things we do very well here at Coviu is in-session functionality. By now, we have developed dozens of add-on features for in-session use and we are turning them on per team. Some of the add-ons available are:

  • sharing of files
  • signing of documents
  • requesting a camera share from another other participant
  • in-call credit card payments
  • remote desktop control
  • highlighter tools
  • automated speech recognition and transcription
  • sharing & simple rendering of DICOM images

We develop these add-ons on demand for our users — you can ask us to turn one on when needed.

For the speech pathologists and educators amongst our customers, we have developed a special add-on called “Interactive Objects”. It allows them to use in telepractice some of the key stimulus materials that are typically used in face-to-face sessions and thus replicates the face-to-face experience better.

It was released just in time for the National Australian Speech Pathology Conference. Here’s the announcement!

Subject: “Coviu: Speech pathologists listen up”

Date sent: 26th May 2017

Coviu logo

Hi user,

Today we’re announcing a feature that is particularly useful for the speech pathologists and educators amongst you. It’s called “Interactive Objects” and it introduces drag-and-drop images over a fixed background.

A picture speaks a thousand words so here’s one that shows you a glimpse of how this feature works.

Interactive Stories

Coviu interactive images

This “Interactive Object” is an animal placement game that helps tell stories. The three animals that you see over the top of the background image can be dragged anywhere on the picture. This can be done by any of the call participants.

Admit it: you’ve always wanted to tell a story about a kangaroo, a koala and a snake visiting Uluru — here’s your chance!

Configuring “Interactive Objects”

Coviu interactive objects

The “Interactive Objects” add-on, when activated for your account, allows you to configure a drag-and-drop setup on the fly. You will only need to provide a background image and some extra images that go over the top. After hitting the “Create game” button, you are ready to play.

Coviu interactive objects

Custom games

You’ve already had some ideas for drag-and-drop scenes you would use frequently with your clients or family? That’s great! We can program custom games like the above for you for a small fee — definitely less than parking in Sydney. Email us at with your idea and we’ll give you a quote.

More information is available at .

Speech Pathology Conference

Coviu is exhibiting at the upcoming National Speech Pathology Conference of Australia. Pre-book a demo of the “Interactive Objects” add-on and visit us at STALL 28.

Speech Pathology Australia

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Silvia Pfeiffer, Coviu
Silvia Pfeiffer

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