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#13: Add your brand to your video rooms

Coviu has been developed for delivering video consultations — right now with a focus on primary healthcare, but more generally usable by anyone wanting to deliver their consulting services online.

Since our customers are running businesses, and their Coviu room represents the location of their business, we have naturally been approached with a request to adjust the Coviu room design to their brand. After all, their customers should think they are getting a service from them, not from Coviu.

Custom branding with logo and brand colours is now available on Coviu! Here’s how we announced it to our users.

Subject: “Coviu: Add your brand to your video rooms”

Date sent: 9th May 2017

Coviu logo

Hi user,

We thought you might be interested in a just released new feature for our users: room customisation! Team and API customers can now add their own brand logo and brand colors to the user interface.

Here is an example where the buttons are now red, the background color is grey, a logo sits at the bottom middle and the interactive “Help” chat has been turned off:

Branding options on Coviu's interface

But no… cat images are not part of the new feature.

Custom branding in 3 easy steps

For Administrators of TEAM accounts:
To change your colors and logo, log into your account, then:

  • Click on the “Team Settings” (only administrators can do this)
  • Select the “Customisation” tab
  • Choose your colors and logo
Customisation of Coviu's interface

For Administrators of API Accounts:
To change your colors and logo, log into your account, then:

  • Click on the “Account Settings”
  • Select the “Customisation” tab
  • Choose your colors and logo
Choosing logos and colours for Coviu's interface

Individual Accounts:
Free Individual Account users can get access to this feature and others by signing up to a Coviu team account — start your free 1 month trial now.

More information is available at explaining where the primary, secondary and background colors are used.

We hope you enjoy this new feature of Coviu that brings out your brand in your consultations!

— -

We love to get your feedback — simply email or

Silvia Pfeiffer, Coviu
Silvia Pfeiffer

See you on Coviu!

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