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Upcoming Webinars

Webinar Panel
Date: 26th of November, 6:00PM (AEST)
Telehealth Cyber Security- Lock the Front Door

Telehealth has become an increasingly important tool for all health professionals since COVID-19. But how can you be sure you are looking after your patients' and your own information privacy? How do you know the telehealth platform you are using is secure? What are some of the cyber security risks we should be looking out for?

Proudly hosted by Coviu, our expert panel will share their privacy and cyber security insights from their experiences in the industry.

What will we cover?

  • Why cybersecurity is more important than ever in the current climate
  • In what form do data attacks occur and what is the motivation behind them 
  • What are some specific actions you can take to secure sensitive patient data
  • What is ISO27001 and ISM and how this relates to system security
  • What to look out for when making a decision to use a specific provider for delivering or supporting digital health
  • Information privacy with HIPAA and the Australian Privacy Principles
  • What is the future of Australian/NZ 

We also look forward to hearing your questions and comments in the live Q&A section of the webinar.

Past Webinars 

Coviu + Medical Republic Webinar (2)

Date: 29th October, 7:00PM (AEDT)
The Medical Republic + Coviu: What if you have to do video telehealth?

The COVID-19 crisis has launched us into a new era of telehealth, with very little warning.

The MBS reforms that came into effect on October 1st mark the next stage of telehealth’s accelerated progress. The bulk billing restriction for GPs has now been removed, which is an important new pricing signal. But GPs are only using video 3% of the time whilst specialists and Allied health are at 20% and above. The government is giving strong consideration to differential pricing next – that is, video will be incentivised via a higher payment to phone. If that happens how can you be prepared? The panel of industry experts will examine:

• Why GP usage is so low?
• What will likely happen if differential pricing occurs?
• When video is better and why, for your patient and you
• What the natural balance between video and phone telehealth should be
• What barriers exist in moving to a better balance
• The major systems in play, and how you can get started
• A path to moving your practice to a better balance between video and phone and preparing for the future

Manual Therapy Webinar group photo

Date: 8th October, 5:00PM (EST)
Advanced Telehealth for Musculoskeletal Assessment & Treatment

Telehealth has become an increasingly important tool for allied health professionals since COVID-19. Proudly hosted by Coviu, this panel will share insights from 4 leading manual therapists to help enhance your telehealth consultations and increase patient satisfaction.

Learn how to:

  • Deliver best-practice telehealth consultations to maximise patient satisfaction.
  • Use the latest digital tools to enhance clinical assessment and treatment delivery.
  • Optimise the patient journey to improve workplace efficiency.
  • Measure range of motion remotely using new AI-based technology.
  • Grow your business through online marketing, branding, and content.
  • Plus, hear the latest research updates into telehealth adoption across allied health professions.

Date: 27th August, 4:00PM (EST)
Latest Telehealth Tools for Speech Pathologists

The widespread adoption of telehealth has accelerated the development of digital tools to simplify assessments and enhance therapy. Proudly hosted by Coviu, this panel will present the latest digital tools designed to enhance your telepractice.

Learn how to:

  • Use 14,000 interactive activities covering over 1,000 speech, language and literacy targets
  • Conduct standardised clinical assessments from within your video call
  • Use browser-based games to enhance client engagement
  • Use document cameras, tablet-mirroring, and advanced screensharing seamlessly during telehealth.

Date: 17th April, 4:00PM (EST)
Getting Started with Coviu

This webinar will teach you how to deliver your first call in Coviu. You'll learn how to invite clients, conduct video calls, take payments, configure your account, & much more!

  • Choosing a plan
  • Inviting clients to your room
  • In-call tools
  • Configuring your settings
  • Inviting your team members