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Look After Your Mental Health, Australia.

World Mental Health Day will be held on Monday, 10th October 2022. It is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy.

Mental health is a growing problem in Australia, one that has been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. One in five Australians are affected by mental illness annually, yet many don't seek help because of stigma. There is never a more important time to look after your mental health and well-being than now.

This World Mental Health Day – October 10 – the message is simple: “Look after your mental health, Australia.”



In a 2021 Coviu study conducted with 1000 Australians, it was revealed that 48% of Australians who suffered from mental health challenges did not seek professional help. In addition, it was shown that 55% of them would be more likely to seek mental health support if they could access it via telehealth.

62% of Australians aged 18-34 also stated that they would be more likely to seek mental healthcare if telehealth was available, and 60% said they would switch mental health providers to one that offered telehealth. 


Coviu seeks to provide access to patients that can't always access mental health practitioners and services in person, through our virtual care telehealth engagement platform. Through both options of video and phone telehealth, it has never been easier to access your telehealth appointment. 

Coviu provides consumers with choice, easier access and convenience making it less daunting to reach out for help. Patients do not need to worry about bumping into someone they know or getting dressed when they don't feel like getting out of bed. Telehealth gives patients choice and the stats speak for themselves. 

79% of respondents stating that telehealth makes mental health support more convenient, 67% said that it helps save time and 64% say it makes mental health support more accessible.-1

Coviu is proud to support a number of Apps and Tools to enable Mental Health Practitioners to conduct clinical sessions via telehealth including:

Pearson Clinical Assessments

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Coviu has partnered with Pearson Clinical to integrate the digital stimulus books of commonly used assessments into Coviu's telehealth platform, so you can have access to the latest clinical tools all in one place. 

Available on Coviu, are the following Pearson Mental Health assessments:

The digital stimulus books are embedded within the Coviu call, allowing you to display the stimuli without leaving your window.  You and your client can see each other's cursor movements over the stimulus book, enabling you to direct the client's attention. When the client selects a response, an annotation with numbers indicates the order of responses. 


Assessments conducted through Coviu ensure a standardised environment that modifies the client's interface and reduces the risk of distraction. A growing number of studies support the claim that Pearson assessments delivered over a virtual care model are comparable to in-person assessments.



Mental Health Assessments


Coviu has integrated a number of commonly used Mental Health Assessments enabling you to administer it directly within your Coviu call.

The assessments currently available include:

Each of these tools is $2.50 per month, per account for unlimited usage on Coviu with the exception of the DASS-21 which is free for unlimited usage.





Sneak Peak of the Mental Health Assessments in Coviu.



Mental Health Tips

  • Stay Active
    Exercise increases well-being and helps reduce symptoms of common mental health concerns.

  • Eat Well
    Eating a nutritious diet is great for both physical and mental health.

  • Connect With Others
    Go out for coffee or a meal, see a film, go to a dog park! Reach out to your neighbours and community.

  • Do Something you Enjoy Each Day
    Do things that make you feel physically and emotionally comfortable. Engage in activities that make you feel safe and calm.

  • Limit Media Consumption
    Choose how often you engage with news and social media and make sure to consume sources that are trustworthy and factual.

  • Keep to a Routine
    Exercise, sleep, chores, work.

  • Get an Early Night
    Getting enough rest is the foundation to protecting your mental health.

  • Be Kind to Yourself
    Allow yourself extra grace if your productivity and motivation are impacted.

  • Maintain Perspective
    Remind yourself of things you're grateful for and things you have learnt.

  • Seek Help
    Talk to trusted friends, your family or reach out to your GP. 


Mental health is important, so help us celebrate World Mental Health Day and, "Look after your mental health, Australia".  




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