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Make Self-Care your Superpower. PsychWeek 2023.

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) is hosting Psychology Week 2023 until 5th November to raise mental health awareness. 

This year the focus is on prioritising self-care including for psychologists, with the catchphrase: “Make Self-Care Your Superpower.”


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Psychologists play an indispensable role in promoting mental health and well-being in individuals and communities. However, the demands of their profession can be emotionally taxing. It's essential to address these challenges and empower psychologists to prioritise their own mental health. This Psychology Week, from October 29 to November 5, 2023, we at Coviu are proud to support the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and its focus on self-care for psychologists. Our partnership with the APS aligns perfectly with our mission to enable mental health professionals to be the best versions of themselves.

Why Self-Care Matters

Psychologists often find themselves caught in the relentless demands of their profession, and as a result, they may neglect their own well-being. Psychology Week 2023 encourages psychologists to explore strategies for self-care that not only support their mental health but also enable them to thrive in their roles. It's an essential reminder that to care for others effectively, psychologists must first care for themselves.

The Importance of Connection

In addition to well-known self-care activities like getting adequate sleep, fulfilling emotional needs, maintaining a balanced diet, and engaging in regular exercise, connecting with peers in the field is crucial. Having someone to confide in and discuss challenging cases with can help psychologists process emotions and detach from the stresses of work. This Psychology Week, we encourage psychologists to come together with their peers and prioritise re-engaging their superpowers.

Empowering Psychologists

During Psychology Week, psychologists can take part in various activities that emphasise the significance of self-care. Hosting events that highlight the importance of self-care while sharing the latest knowledge and tools that can be put into practice is an excellent way to empower psychologists to care for themselves.

Start the Conversation

Psychology Week events and displays are not only an opportunity to promote psychology to the community but also a reminder for the profession to put self-care first. APS members and organisations interested in psychology and community well-being are encouraged to run events. Some ideas include:


  • Group meditations

  • Mindfulness conversations in-person or online using breakout rooms

  • Hosting a group values session to celebrate the professional values that guide psychologists in their work

  • Presentations on self-care for members and local audiences

  • Morning or afternoon tea focusing on self-care and avoiding burnout

  • Walk and talk in nature or group physical activities

  • Presentations to students about what to expect from a career in psychology

  • Gratitude boards to encourage positivity and self-reflection

  • Setting self-care goals for the week and beyond

All these activities contribute to better mental health and do not require significant time or effort to practice daily. Encouraging each other to prioritise mental health can have a profound positive impact.



How Coviu helps Psychologists prioritise Self-Care

Coviu is an invaluable ally for psychologists in their journey to prioritise self-care. Its platform facilitates remote consultations, offering the flexibility to manage workloads effectively and maintain a healthier work-life balance. With Coviu, psychologists can conduct sessions from the comfort of their own environment, reducing the need for time-consuming commutes and allowing for more personal downtime. Furthermore, Coviu's user-friendly interface and innovative features streamline administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time for self-care activities. By minimising stress and enhancing efficiency, Coviu empowers psychologists to safeguard their mental well-being, ensuring they remain at their best while supporting others.


Coviu has a range of features designed specifically for psychologists including the below assessments.


Pearson Clinical Assessments

Untitled design - 2022-08-24T113013.431

Coviu has partnered with Pearson Clinical to integrate the digital stimulus books of commonly used assessments into Coviu's telehealth platform, so you can have access to the latest clinical tools all in one place. These include but are not limited to the WISC-V, WAIS-IV, KBIT-2, RBANS Update Books A, B, C & D, WIAT-III, BDI-2, BHS, BAI, BSS, to name a few.

The digital stimulus books are embedded within the Coviu call, allowing you to display the stimuli without leaving your window.  You and your client can see each other's cursor movements over the stimulus book, enabling you to direct the client's attention. When the client selects a response, an annotation with numbers indicates the order of responses. 

Assessments conducted through Coviu ensure a standardised environment that modifies the client's interface and reduces the risk of distraction. A growing number of studies support the claim that Pearson assessments delivered over a virtual care model are comparable to in-person assessments.

A number of our tests include digital administration whereby prompts are visible only to the practitioner, meaning you don't lose eye contact or rapport with your patient while administering a test.

Our recent case study highlights how practitioners treating young people have successfully assessed their patients with Pearson.


Mental Health Assessments

Coviu has integrated a number of commonly used Mental Health Assessments enabling you to administer them directly within your Coviu call.

The assessments currently available include:





Sneak Peak of the Mental Health Assessments in Coviu.



A Final Word on Australian Psychology Week 2023

Psychology Week 2023, with its emphasis on self-care for psychologists, is a crucial reminder that even those who support the well-being of others need to prioritise their own mental health. Coviu Global is proud to support APS in this endeavor, aligning with our commitment to providing tools and resources that empower mental health professionals to be the best versions of themselves. We encourage all psychologists to take part in the activities and discussions during this important week, as it benefits not only them but also the individuals and communities they serve. Remember, to care for others effectively, you must first care for yourself.

Check out more mental health resources at the Australian Psychological Society, Australia's leading body of psychologists and up-to-date information on psychology.





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