Post Call Links

Post Call Links

The Post Call Links App allows you to add an external web link or external form at the end of your telehealth session. This could be used to collect client or patient feedback after a session, or redirect your client or patient to a new page to schedule their next appointment with a clinician.


Post Call Links App

How It Works

Under Apps in your Coviu Dashboard, you can configure your Post Call Links. This will also allow you to select where you would like the Post Call Link to be displayed i.e. Waiting Area, Meeting Room, User Room or Scheduled Session. You will also have the ability to select who can view the Post Call Link i.e. Guest, Host, Participant or Everyone. 





Essentials Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan Enterprise and

$10/month/account (unlimited assessments and users)

$10/month/account (unlimited assessments and users) App is Free.

App costs may differ. Please contact your account manager for assistance with a quote and activation of the App in your clinic.

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• How to Add a Post Call Link to Your Coviu Account

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