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Demanding Telehealth: 70% of Aussies think all GPs should offer video telehealth.

Still on the fence about video telehealth? Your patients are missing out, and so is your clinic. 

44% of Aussies say they would switch GPs to one that offers video telehealth.


Through Pureprofile, Coviu conducted a research piece with 1,000 consumers across the Australian general public.

To qualify, participants needed to have accessed a GP in the past 12 months.

Research shows...

Consumer Research Pie Chart

Despite only 3% of Aussies conducting GP appointments via video calls in the last 12 months, 70% believe all GPs should offer video telehealth. This suggests that patient demand is not being met, likely due to the uncertainty around the permanence of video telehealth items, and their ultimate rebate value compared to in-person consults. 

The good news is, Minister Hunt announced that the Telehealth items have been extended till the end of 2021 with a scheduled review to make them permanent. This is important as statistics reveal 90% of Aussies want equal Medicare rebates for video telehealth & in-person GP visits. Telehealth can remove numerous barriers for individuals trying to access healthcare and with the budget announcement, GPs can have greater certainty that telehealth is going to be viable in the long-term. 


Research also shows that 41.5% of GPs do not offer video telehealth services. Now consumers are placing pressure on GPs to offer video telehealth and create a flexible healthcare system. Consumers want choice, easier access and convenience - all of which can be offered with video telehealth services, specifically Coviu. 

Prior to COVID-19, telehealth uptake was narrow and restricted to predominantly rural areas. The pandemic prompted a level of telehealth adoption that previously seemed unimaginable. Coviu had 60,000+ users offering over 3 million healthcare video consultations across the country. Now, Aussies want their GPs to offer video telehealth in addition to their standard in-patient offerings and 44% would contemplate switching GPs to one that offers video telehealth.

Statistics also show that 72% of respondents stated that video telehealth offers comparable care to in-person and an additional 15% said it was better than in-person care. This is a good argument to incentivise practice clinics to upskill GPs and expand their service offering with remote working GPs. 


Over 60,000+ clinicians across Australia already use Coviu. 


Adopting telehealth can help retain patients and  create competitive advantage by increasing  practitioners access and extending the ability of patient reach to achieve greater health outcomes. Telehealth also allows practitioners to conduct their appointments in an efficient, easy, convenient and low cost way.

With Coviu's software seamlessly fitting into any healthcare business, large or small there is no better time to integrate it with your business model. While navigating the current and future environment, Coviu is continuing to drive the adoption of secure, reliable and efficient video telehealth.

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