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Exciting Announcements this April from Coviu

Would you like to maximise your income and improve your work-life balance?

If you answered yes, telehealth may be the solution for you.

Here at Coviu, we want your transition process to be as seamless as possible, so that you can experience the benefits of video consultations, without the stress.

We are built on WebRTC browser technology, meaning no downloads are required and access to your digital practice is just one click of a link away. We also offer one-on-one demos, numerous help articles and informative blog posts, to help you with the transition.

This month, we have been working hard to bring you new features, such a the text-only chat described below. We strive to continuously improve our platform to ensure we provide you with validated diagnostic and clinical tools, helping you achieve equal or better outcomes than face to face sessions.

If you have been thinking about adopting telehealth but don't know where to start, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our software will adapt to your needs.

New Feature: Text-Only Sessions on Coviu

Coviu offering text only sessions for Telehealth

This new feature allows for text-only sessions that are secured via end-to-end encryption. This feature is ideal for patients who desire increased privacy or simply prefer written communication with their healthcare professionals over video communication, usually because they can only take a consultation in a busy environment.

In-call tools such as the whiteboard feature and document sharing can still be used during these sessions, so you can still rely on the rich interaction tools of Coviu that you have become used to.

AHW 2019: Coviu wins runner up 'Healthcare Start Up of the Year'

Coviu wins Runner up at Australian Healthcare Week
We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Australian Healthcare Week 2019, which ran from 27th-28th March. We were honoured to become Pitch Fest finalists and take home second place as 'Healthcare Start-Up of the Year'!

We had some great discussions as to how video consultations can not only maximise income and improve clinicians' work-life balance, but how they can scale our future healthcare needs by removing barriers and improving access to all.

For more information about growing your practice with telehealth, click here to talk to a friendly team member.

Coviu Partners with Swinburne University

Coviu partners with Swinburne University - telehealth education

Exciting news! Coviu has partnered with Swinburne University where we will be providing our cutting edge technology to students, researchers and clinical services. Students will learn how to use digital health to break down barriers and prepare for the future of healthcare in Australia.

The new text-only secure consultation feature is, in fact, the result of a collaboration with Swinburne University, who are delivering mental health consultations online. They have found that some patients prefer a text conversation over a video conversation. Coviu is always open to co-design of new use cases for our customers.

Click here to read more about our partnership with Swinburne University.


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