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Is Online Speech Therapy Effective?

Telehealth has been changing the healthcare landscape for the better for decades. But only recently has it become a viable option for more specialised practitioners like speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and audiologists.

Naturally, there are still questions about how effective online speech therapy can be. As a practice, you want to ensure you’re investing in a solution that works for your staff and patients. Read on to learn more about how offering online speech therapy services work and how it can benefit your patients and practice overall.

The Effectiveness of Online Speech Therapy Programs

Time and time again, it’s been proven that utilising a speech therapy telehealth platform can achieve equal outcomes as in-person consultations. Consider this recent study where speech therapists reported an adequate or more than adequate experience using a telehealth platform to administer standardised language assessments. They found that video and audio quality was suitable for children and adult patients alike, with interactions remaining effective during virtual meetings.

Another study found that “telehealth can be an effective way to provide speech pathology intervention to children with speech and language impairments.” While comparing in-person and virtual visits, they found that similar levels of attention, distractibility and anxiety were present in both. Essentially, seeing a speech therapist online is comparable to and just as effective as visiting in person for some assessments.

While online speech therapy may not be a solution for every situation, it’s extremely beneficial for administering speech-language assessments and practising early intervention.

Benefits of Online Speech Therapy

Investing in an online speech therapy platform isn’t only an effective way to treat patients, but also offers other unique benefits.

Reach more patients: More often than not, seeing an online speech therapist is more convenient for your patients. They can easily connect with a certified SLP from the comfort of their homes. This means your practice can reach more patients while also reducing the number of missed or late appointments.

Interactive services: Online speech therapy programs are extremely interactive. Your team can use technology and online programs to play interactive games and make the session fun (especially for children).

Streamline practice management: You can schedule appointments, collect payments, and overall streamline practice management from one online speech therapy platform. This can reduce costs and streamline your practice’s processes.

How Online Speech Therapy Services Work

When it comes time to invest in telehealth for your practice, you want only the best online speech therapy platform.

Coviu is a video conferencing platform designed for speech-language pathology and audiology healthcare professionals. The intuitive platform seamlessly replicates in-person processes to create an effective, convenient session through high-quality video and phone calls, screen sharing, and more. Simply send a link to your client and wait for them in your private, virtual room.

During your virtual session, you can utilise a suite of clinical tools including clinical assessments and sharing of resources to enhance your online speech therapy services.

Start your free trial with online speech therapy with Coviu today!

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