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Improve the way you work with your mental health patients

Do you start most of your mental health appointments with a version of: “How have you been since I last saw you?” Only to receive anywhere from a one-word answer (“Ok”) to 50 minutes of details on mood swings? As a mental health practitioner who wants to provide the best care possible, we bet you’d like to know what’s happening with your patients between sessions, without being bombarded by emails, texts, or calls and in a way that is user-friendly for you and your patients.

Fortunately, technology is moving fast and in 2019 there are means to help patients track their daily mental state, just as there are watches that track their steps. And even better, this technology can be built into a video call, which allows patients to receive their care wherever they are most comfortable.

Coviu, a CSIRO spinout, has partnered with Monsenso, a Danish company that also started in a research institution. At Coviu, we care a lot about clinical validation and choose our partners on the quality of evidence supporting their tools. Monsenso has already been involved with and published 11 research papers, and has been clinically validated in a range of clinical pilots and randomised controlled trials (RCT). This is why we are so excited to introduce Monsenso to you.

Monsenso allows patients to use their mobile phones to take control and help manage their own mental health, while sharing their progress with clinicians to improve expert decision-making. Monsenso is leading the way to make technology an integral part of mental health treatment.

Coviu and Monsenso partnership hope to improve the mental health treatment of patients.

Here's Jacob from Monsenso with a personal introduction of their product.

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Jacob Mankhong for Monsenso
Jacob Mankhong, Monsenso


Imagine starting a video visit with your patient, but not needing to ask questions about how they have been since the last time you met up. You already know how they are feeling and now have more time to talk about what is important for moving forward.

Monsenso is making this a reality. In the Monsenso app, patients fill out a quick daily self-assessment or weekly questionnaires and rate, for instance, their sleep, mood or activity. They can follow their own progress and become more aware of how the choices they make impact their mental state.

The clever thing is that you can see exactly what the patients see through the clinical web-portal. Clinicians using the system have compared it to a mental X-ray, which allows for early interventions, quicker diagnosis, and more appropriate treatment decisions.

A healthcare professional who uses the Monsenso solution told us: “During conversations with my patients, I always start with the data in the system. It is a great icebreaker that allows me to skip asking the mundane questions. Now, our conversations are facilitated by the information available in the system.”

The Monsenso solution will empower patients to be more involved in their own treatment. In-between sessions, they may use relevant features when they are facing a challenging situation. Whether it is restructuring negative thoughts using our mobile CBT thought feature or learning more about their diagnosis or treatment plan in the psycho-education library.

A patient living with bipolar disorder reports the following about the solution:
“It made me more aware of how my sleep pattern influences changes in my mood. In my life with this disorder, I see myself as a tightrope walker and this metaphor for living with bipolar disorder is very meaningful. You have to prevent losing control either to depression or to mania. You are able to avoid that by earlier recognition of how your mood is fluctuating… therefore the app helps to keep you in control of your life…”

We believe it is time for technology to ease the burden on clinicians and provide opportunities that are not available when everything is handled in the old ‘paper-pencil’ way.Monsenso and Coviu partnership hopes to improve mental health treatment of patients

If you also believe in technology’s ability to improve patients’ mental health treatment and are ready to embrace it, Monsenso will be there to help.

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